Brands: Muji and Kodak('Contains Gold')

These ‘Muji’ CD-Rs are quite widely available in Thailand right now, are fairly cheap, and feel like rather good disks compared with most of the rubbish that’s available. However, I’ve had only limited experience with them: good experience when using Nero and WinOnCD on two friends’s machines, but a few bad experiences on my machine that may be due to the burner (Ricoh MP9120A) and/or the horrible software, Roxio ECDC SP4 (amazing how buggy it is, how in your face the bugs are, and how each update seems to add new bugs).

Here’s the ATIP:

ATIP: 97m 27s 06f
Disc Manufacturer: Digital Storage Technology Co., Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)

My question is, does anyone know anything about ‘Digital Storage Technology’? What kind of reputation do their disks have? (And where are they manufactured (Taiwan, I’d guess)?)

Here in Thailand, Mitsui and TY disks aren’t available. The last ‘quality’ disks I’ve found are Kodak Ultima 80 “Contains Gold” (so, not ‘100% Gold’, not ‘Silver and Gold’, just ‘Contains’(!) Gold). The packaging claims that they’re manufactured in Ireland and packed in China.

ATIP is:

ATIP: 97m 27s 46f
Disc Manufacturer: Kodak Japan Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)

Does anyone have any experience with these disks? I ask because they’re rather expensive, so I don’t know whether to get a large number while they’re still around.

I have another question someone may be able to answer. I’m told by friends who sell computer peripherals that there are fake CD-Rs about, specifically fake Kodaks here in Thailand. What I wonder is whether, if the ATIP identifies the manufacturer as ‘Kodak Japan Ltd’, this means that one can be confident that the disk is not a fake. (The manufacturers of fakes seem so clever that it seems at least possible that they could identify Kodak as the manufacturer, though I hope I’m wrong.)

Sorry but just had to put a bump on this! Just got a Kodak Gold Ultima but Nero says its manufactured by :rolleyes: Digital Storage Technology Co., Ltd. :rolleyes: Are they any good?

Well, I was trying to find information about the quality of disks made by Digital Storage Technology Co., Ltd.

The ones they make and that are sold as ‘Muji’ brand here in Thailand, seem actually very good. All my experiences, and those of two friends, with these disks have all been positive – they appear to record better than the non-colour Verbatim DataLifePlus selling here, but our sample experiences have been small.

That’s why I’d like to know what anyone knows about Digital Storage Technology Co., Ltd.

That they manufacture Kodak disks sounds strange and unlikely to me – it sounds like they’re manufacturing fake Kodaks, or am I being overly paranoid.

And if they manufacture fakes, that’s not a good sign at all. Still, these’Muji’ disks do seem better than most of the low quality stuff we get up here. It’s a mystery.

DST discs (ATIP different that 972700, 972700s are not really DST.) are actually pretty good from what I’ve seen, at least around here, and have given me no trouble until now. I’ve been using MGM and Dr. Hank branded discs that have been flawless until now.

Greetings, justsatorn.
I’ve been using Laser brand, spindle pack, 48x plain gold backing, made by D.S.T and they’ve been fine. I’m also using Prodisc re-writables, 'cuz they’re the only 10x I can find. Both brands are considered by some to be below CMC, but I’ve had no probs.

Buying by the brand on the label is meaningless these days, as the discs can be sourced from any of several manufacturers. Until you can read the ATIP you don’t know where they’re from.

Perhaps the “cheapie” manufacturers are increasing their quality control as they become bigger players in the market?

Anyhow, if the discs work for you, and the price is right, to paraphrase a phrase (duhhh)
-Praise the Lord and pass the CD-R’s-

Thanks for the info, and reassurance, Fallen and Dik. I always check the ATIP, and thus the manufacturer (if they reveal themselves), before I buy a bunch of CD-Rs, and DST was new to me. Subjectively, the disks they manufacture that are sold as ‘Muji’ here (I know that ‘brand’ names can change like the wind) seem rather excellent, so I wondered what others had experienced with DST. It’s good to hear good news.

Dik, I take it ‘South Oz’ is Adelaide, or nearby. I lived in Melbourne once, and it was a great place in those years, but I went back and forth to Adelaide constantly – the nicest city in OZ in '68-73, for me. Don’t expect it’s changed too much since.

The only thing I can’t tell you, of course, is how long the discs will last, only that so far they have worked for me. In my several years of cd burning, the only disc I have ever had that wouldn’t burn was a Kodak infoguard, supposedly the best, and, boy, I’ve used some weird brands. (All the other coasters have been my own fault!!).

Co-incidentally, a work colleague just got back from 4 weeks in Thailand. He couldn’t believe how cheap blank cd’s were – a 100 spindle pack for less than $20 Aus. (Bangkok). He’d bought a lot of software over there, also cheap, but wasn’t sure if customs would question why he also had a large quantity of blank cd’s. He didn’t buy any, customs didn’t seem concerned and now he regrets it. So at least your raw materials (blanks) should be available at good prices.

Adelaide has changed since you were here, of course (although some would say not necessarily for the better). Still, it is said that the only constant in life is change. We had the Grand Prix for a while, ‘til the Vics poached it from us, but that’s only ‘cos we showed them how it should be run. We still have politicians whose only aim in life, besides looking after themselves, seems to be to tax us out of existence and we still make the best beer in the world!

In the words of the great Spock
Live long and prosper.


For my purposes, long-lastingness is crucial, but I don’t think there’s any way to know, with any brand or manufacturer, how long the CD-R you burn will remain fully readable. Knowing that a burned disc would last for x years would be great, were it possible.

I have an impression, again from a tiny sample, that some of the blank discs available years ago, when the technology was somewhat exotic and each disc cost a substantial amount, were more reliable than what we now have available. (Sounds like ‘the good old days’, unfortunately.)

This is based on a bunch of Mitsui Golds (Japan-made), burned in 1997, burning perfectly and being today as good as new, whereas Mitsui Golds burned in the last 2 years or less (I guess (there’s no info on disk or box) Taiwan-made) having in several cases deteriorated and developed areas in which the files are, in all readers tried, unreadable.

Yes, dik, some blank discs are available here in Thailand for extremely low prices. And many of these super cheapies, like the ‘Mujis’ and some of the coloured Princos, give extremely good results (long-lastingness remaining an open question). And some of the more expensive disks (Kodaks and Verbatim DLP) can be chancey. But there are rumoured to be fakes of ‘expensive’ brands, though I don’t know how one would know.

But incomes are very low here compared to incomes in Oz, so cost is relative. (The ‘cheap’ software your friend bought exists because not many Thai people, especially students and people trying to bootstrap themselves out of relative poverty, can afford software at Western prices (actually, ‘legal’ software usually costs more here than it does in the US or in Oz, except for games, which cost about a third of Western prices, and sell because people want the Thai manuals that come in the box).)

Yep, things keep on changing. Adelaide people used to be ‘really nice’, I found, compared with people in Melbourne, which was a harder, harsher city. That may not have changed.

Thanks for the reality check - it’s all to easy to forget how well off we are these days.
My mate bought an original copy of Battlefield 1942 while there and, yep, the manual is in Thai! Minor problem.

And there are still nice people in Adelaide - after all, I’m here:)