Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens



Not going to bother with an full test post for this one, but had some fun with fake YUDEN000 T03

Poundland Connect-it DVD+R 4 pack, inside the disks say 8x.

My ihas 422 offered me 22x, so just for giggles, I tried it!

Remarkable results - for one thing, the USB connected drive choked just before hitting 18x so the remainder of the burn dropped speed.

Jitter, terrible, started at 17% but fell later - also showed higher starting jitter at more reasonable speed.

PI / PIF for the most part were remarkable for crap media, PI holding below 60, PIF 1-2 with occasional 3 peak, even during the speed hunting from 18x back to 13x.

At 4.2GB though, it blew up, PI hit 700 and PIF hit 17, at that point it had just dropped speed again from 16x to 12x. Might actually give it a proper test run at 8x, since that’s the speed it claims


i have a PRINCO 1x-16X DVD-R that is different from other Princo’s i know. It has a TYG02 MID. It is fake or not?


Could you post dome pictures (preferably with visible serial and hub numbers)?