Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens



I have some cheap TYG02 by Datasafe and they have a GG007009 code, the build of the disk is not the best but the quality of the burn is good, and for the price I gave I am very happy and ordered another 200 over the weekend.

What I have found since I have started going thru my older disks checking on what needs re-burning was some Aone disks that I had got just after getting my first DVD drive for something like £3 for 25 so I knew that they would not be good. I used the last of them up this time last year for working copies of stuff, and doing a scan of some them I was surprised to how good they are a year on, they have had quite a bit of use and this one has been lent out a few times.

Its not good but also not bad IMO, I have seen real fair much worse.


There are a few drives that will overspeed Taiyo Yuden media, usually the 8x DVD+Rs but in some cases the 8x -Rs as well, which you have seen.


I have a cake box of CDRs from a number of years back that were sold under the Taiyo Yuden label online. I was planning on using them for a very important project, so I need to be assured these are in fact authentic archival quality CDRs.

The holographic number on the back reads 80 PG1185, and the serial etched on the plastic part of the front reads YE 467C0128280 (or that’s what I can make of it). Can anyone confirm the authenticity?


Saw this bargain on the internet. 200 i-bit DVD+R 8x in slimcases for just 39,90.
I never heard of this brand, 1 review says it has the YUDEN000T02 code.
Still waiting for their email answer, in which I asked what code they have and what country they are from.


80 PG1185 is genuine.
I really guess that i-bit doesnt sell genuine TY, I am pretty sure that it is fake.



Bought some Verbatim Dvd-r discs from ebay a few months back, they were still sealed and looked identical to a batch of genuine ones I bought from SVP. They have the code HG528Y100994GG.

Are these the real deal??


I recently bought these disks. Are they fake?


Call them and ask what the Media ID is.


I was gonna purchase these, because they are almost £10 cheaper than I normally pay. They look right but the cheapness bothers me. Also it said the code is TYG-002. I thought it was TYG02. Do they ever use 002?


@Fulcanelli123 - have a look at this thread by Feena. You may find the answers you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

As for YUDEN000 T02, only place I see it online now is SVP (I use the printable variety, excellent discs).


Ah thanks! I do normally buy them from SVP but seeing them apparently ten quid cheaper was tempting. Not had any trouble with the SVP disk either the shiny unbranded or the full face printable (I stick to the 8x).

My only complaint would be that the full face printable have to be sprayed to keep the colour ‘fast’. Weird how cheap discs can give you a nice glossy quick drying disk, but TY, supposedly the best, can’t manage it.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile:


Hehe yeah, ironically it’s been said that Ritek (!) make decent printable surfaces :eek:

I haven’t tried printing on my T02s yet, when I get my Epson set up properly with the other PC I’ll have to give them a go. Burning quality on them is outstanding, though :iagree:

There’s always the TY Watershields from SVP as well, though I haven’t tried them :slight_smile:

Edit: Hehe, a tenner cheaper - and the fact that they’re on a par with the Datasafe ones is probably why :smiley:


Is a FAKE??

Nierle Media.


[QUOTE=vampiresucker;1925788]Is a FAKE??

Nierle Media.[/QUOTE]

Seems Genuine to me specially for the price .


Genuine from what I’ve heard :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Do you think this ones are guenuine :
I know that 8x pack are generally known for guenuine, but i don’t know for that 16x one.



[QUOTE=vampiresucker;1925788]Is a FAKE??

Nierle Media.[/QUOTE]
I wonder it too, was going to order it from Nierle and not sure if it’s really geniune.
Anyone had ordered these taiyo yuden DVD-R 8x 100 pack and can confirmed it’s genuine?
That holding me back to ordered it are the pictures differents from others “geniune” cakebox:
From svp:

Look at the top of the cakebox, it have a “paper label” with japanese text on it.

From Nierle:

From nierle it doesnt have that “japanese paper text label” (of course cant be sure be the picture) and also the price is over 10 euros lower then other places that sells “geniune TY”?

other places: 40-45 Euros
Nierle: 29.99 Euros

The price differents make me suspicious if it’s really geniune that Nierle sells?

Would be nice if anyone can confirmed it - real or fake TY from Nierle?


received from nierle today. seems fake. more details will follow


[QUOTE=fiberfetish;2113038]received from nierle today. seems fake. more details will follow[/QUOTE]

hub and stampercode please


hub and stampercode please[/QUOTE]

please, can you tell me what i have to check?
thank you