Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens



Well, they really do spell themselves [B]Philips[/B] with one L.
Made in Taiwan by OTC means that these are the old Optodisc TYG02 fakes… has production of Optodisc fake “TYG02” started again? :confused:


beats me…
this brand and matrix are the most popular here in the south.
sometimes ridata comes along, but is rarely…


Ouch! :eek:
Well, I guess Ridata, while not my favorite brand, would definitely be better than fake TY. The genuine Optodisc would also be a relatively good choice.
Getting no Verbies and no TY would make me crazy :wink:


well, you can get verbatim, but for the same price you buy 100 pieces, you can buy 200 pieces of fakes ty.
since the ever making money bussisness here is the piracy of movies, and ppl don’t really expect a quality product of a guy in the street; almost nobody cares to get good quality dyes.

even thought fakes ty are hong-kong rip-offs, they seem to met the standar.
i have seen much worst media in the past, believe me.
at least no more princo is coming.


Fake Taiyo Yuden are great for movie pirates, they sell you a copy, and 6 months later you’ll have to buy another one from them because the first one degraded. :bigsmile:


damn right.
but because it’s so damn hot in here, sometimes the disc degrades in the stand of the pirate guy.


Imation i-PRO DVD-R 8X, made in Hong Kong, media code TYG02, no codes just some Chinese letters and DVD 8X-R are printed on the hub.

Cheapest DVD’s you can get in Slovenia, sold in SPAR markets in 25 and 50 cake boxes. Ususally the disc color is white and the wrap around the cakebox is white too, but I think there are also other colors of discs and wraps.


Hi loty1825, welcome to CDFreaks and thanks for letting us know about this fake TY media. :flower:


Do these Imation i-PRO look like this?

Actually they’re only sold in Asia, or at least supposed to be… Weird how they ended up in Slovenia :confused:


The picture is too small. Is the Imation brand also fake? Or should we start worrying about Imation media being fake Taiyo Yuden?


In this case - yes, I assume.


Just found these discs in limited stock :{143b4589-cf52-4a46-bb02-2ad82ca17c9a}View

Everything looks OK in package,mentioned made in Taiwan…but discs MID are TYG02 !
The disc not have a GGxxxxxx code in the dye area,but a code like TY337 and some disc in other package other code …
What happened ? -BTW burn quality is very good as expected from MIT Verbatim’s,and 8x good retail media is now rare find.

Above stores,have good market reputation,so sell fake media is very strange,but due sell cheap do their own imports. Most of discs in same store and same type, have MCC code,and all mentioned as made in Taiwan or India.


Here, it’s a scan of my previous post,disc test


Not long ago, some fake Verbatim 8x DVD-R in 25 packs showed up in Hungary, that were marked as MIT but most likely originated from Infosmart Hong Kong.
Look for Prodisc characteristics on the cakebox - it could be that you got some of these…


I had some of this verbs, and here is the scan, me and gary talked about it in a Greek forum.


Τhere is not any Prodisc ID in package,look same as last CMC Verbatim 8x DVD-R media.-Just for your info, because I don’t mind so much.
For this cheap price,burn quality is excellent for me,worry only if dye quality have long last :eek:


I’ve received a tub of 100 Taiyo Yudens shiny today like that

I’ve several doubts of their authenticiy.

1- There is no label of authentiticy anywhere. No made in japan mark neither.
2- Nero says that the media can be recorded at 12x… must be 8x :S
3- I’ve recorded a disc into 12x speed and got an average speed of 8.1x
4- The identifier it’s TYG02 and the Batchcode GG007022 but their looks like a fake verbatims of the right side.



Genuine, based on the premise that there have been no reports so far of Fake Taiyo Yuden media that also have fake hub codes. Also answered here.


Thanks and excuse me.


they look a lower grade of ty stuff to me personally the ty for datasafe look like the picture on the right and my pannys look smooth like the ones on the right on the edges of the disk :slight_smile: