Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens



Welcome from a fellow Brit, qaz0r! :bigsmile:

As with most fakes, even though they burn nice, scan them with your Plex every now and then for signs of deterioration (edit: hehe, just re-read your message, and see that you’ve been doing that - you’re well informed!). :wink:


Are they really MIJ?
Aone come from China and are sometimes packed in fake That’s cakeboxes :slight_smile:

The scans are below average but I’ve seen similar scans from genuine TY too.

Oh, and btw, PNG screenshots are nicer than JPEG screenshots. :wink:


Thnx Arachne :slight_smile:
Yep, I’m keeping an eye on them - 2 months so far and all is well.

@kg_evilboy - I thought they were MIJ but the ‘Made In’ bit is written in an alphabet I’m not very familiar with so I could be wrong, hehe… If I can find a camera, I’ll do a pic. And how do you get Plextools XL to save in .png format instead of jpeg? I agree .png is better but converting .jpg to .png seems like a lot of extra effort, lol.


Well, you can tell Nihon(-koku) (日本(国)) easily from Taiwan (台湾), (South) Korea (한국/韓國), Hong Kong (香港), Macau (澳門/マカオ) and China (中国/チャイナ). :wink:

I’m not really much into Japanese, Chinese or Korean, so this here might be incorrect.

GIF is also superior to JPEG when it comes to screenshots :slight_smile:


Second picture is good old school TYG02 TY unbranded. First and third is still a TYG02 unbranded disc but from another company. As you can see there are some issues with glue in # 1 & 3 (not so clear from my scanned image). GG… serial is fine on both. The serial in inner hub is different though. The “real” TY still has GG… there but the other has JF6. Sorry i can’t scan or photo so you can see it. Both are sold as real TY(G02) but one disc is definately weaker in some aspects. Is it 2. grade TY (or 3rd), is it fake or something completely different - any ideas? :slight_smile:


Is the serial JF6? (The photo is bad.)
Then it is fake.

But on the other hand I also had bonding like this with Ritek R03 discs, they worked fine but I don’t know how long they will last.


Yep, the serial nearest the center of disc (transparent plastic) is JF6 on one disc. I don’t suppose should be the same as the signature GG… but since discs look identical apart from the glue i wonder if it’s 2nd grade. Quality scans are almost consistant with PIF clusters (followed by too high PIF total) and different from the “real” TY which hasn’t got the clusters (and keep PIF total @ 50-150)


Is the OSI dvd+r real TY. 1355. Is the serial on the disk.


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Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens.

If your OSI discs have a batch/lot number in the mirror band near the center hub that looks like the numbers below, then they are genuine, otherwise they are not.

8x DVD+R: TG00nnnn (where nnnn are digits) e.g. TG001162
16x DVD+R: TH00nnnn (where nnnn are digits) e.g. TH000021


Are these fake ?


Hmm, then these are value line.
Value line TY is usually OK but can cause trouble sometimes.

From the comments and the photos (usually SVP has real photos) those sound more like value line.


The Datasafe are probably a lower grade. I doubt they’re fake, never known SVP to sell fake stuff.


As a matter of fact SVP sold (or still sells?) Mirror 8x DVD+R with MCC 003 code. I highly doubt that these are high quality, or even real MCC 003 at all…


Well, an email to Steve would clear that one up :wink:

Edit: As for the Datasafe discs mentioned earlier - just to stay on the safe side, steer clear of Datasafe or Datawrite.

Whether or not they’re fakes I don’t know (although as I posted a couple of posts back, I’ve never known SVP to advertise something as TY that isn’t), but most certainly I would say they’re not top quality TYs. Stick to the unbranded or a reputable brand.



I’d just like it to be reflected in the price/description in case it is valueline :cop:

Also i could think this kind of disc is giving TY a bad reputation as it seems over @ cdrlabs if it’s sold as high quality TY


OK, scan looks great. But the same DVD is after ~10 days completely unreadable…


While that’s not completely unheard of, that’s very unusual, especially for a scan that good. Did you happen to run a transfer rate test or test the ability to read back the disc 10 days ago, other than the PI/PIF test? Although frankly with a scan that good it would be very unlikely to have any readability issues at that time. How was the disc stored? In any event, sorry to see that you’ve already had problems with it.


I have no problems with read back ability after burning. However, now I am unable to read this disc in my Benq DW1655 and Matsushita UJ-820S is able to read only a part of the disc…
Disc is perfectly clean & unscratched, it was stored in black jewel case (like my all discs) in a shelf…


Is it just me, or have you had a similar issue of quick deterioration before at least one other time? It seems like I recall you or someone else in the past couple of months posting quick and significant degrading of a disc, similar to this situation.