Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens



Try to get a refund. :frowning:
Taiyo Yuden does not make, and has never made discs in China.
The codes don’t have to end with GG. But the code in the inner dye area should start with GG if it’s TYG02.


nah… they were so cheap (100 disks for $15 Canadian dollars), that its not worth any more of my time to return them, i just gave them to someone else, who dosent care.

hopefully you guys will add this manufacturer to your fake list, so others dont buy them and waste their time like i did.

p.s the code in inner dye area “307T”


I have the (rather single) option of buying these DVD+Rs sold as TDK, which have the all too familiar MID of YUDEN000 T02 (000). There is no country of origin printed on the case. The silver ring has a correct code of TG001159 and also a number opposite to it: [U]0818[/U] (see pictures 1 and 2). On the transparent hub, a code like [U]9C521A507694PG[/U] can be read (see pic 3). (yes, it took a lot of work to get these pictures :)) You can also see a picture of each side of the disc (4 and 5). The discs produce decent results on my unmodified Pioneer 111D (~ 400 PIF, max of 4).

And the questions (that drive us) are:

  • are these real, genuine and truly sincere TY, the kind they make in Japan ? :slight_smile:
  • if they are, can you tell if they are premium or value line ?

Thanks four your qualified opinions.


1. Ring Code:
2. Second ring code:
3. Hub code:
4. Front Side:
5. Recording Side:


My vote would be genuine, especially with the TGxxxxxx hub code.

Whether they’re comparable to “Value” or “Premium” line, I have no idea.


As Arachne says, these are real Taiyo Yuden which can be seen from the TG001159 code in pic#1. I don’t know the quality of these particular discs.

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Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens.

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They are so real… The TDKs should be real.
If it’s 9C521A507694PG, I think it is possibly premium line.
Value line usually have no stamped hub codes, short stamped hub codes, and/ or two hub codes, or may have just normal hub codes.
In the 4x and 8x days, TDK DVD media had its heyday. The 16x TDK media is nowhere as good, with the best 16x TDK media being the TH000021 YUDEN000 T03 (if combined with a recent LG).

Could you make a photo of the front of the jewel case too? I’m especially interested in the right portion of the jewel case front where the bars/points holding back the front card are… (It’s just me, I’d like to find out how to tell TDK YUDEN000 T02 from MBIPG101 R04. If you can’t make a photo, no problem.)


Well, so they are definately genuine TY, and probably premium line, by all responsible accounts :slight_smile: Thanks for giving me the good news :flower:

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This is what I gathered from running DVD Identifier with my so called Taiyo Yudens Media. I been buying the media from the same place for 1 year now and I burn the media at 6x with my dvd burner instead of 8x. And I have over 400 movies and all play very nicely on my dvd player and others. Let me know if this information sounds right from what others have said. I was reading message boards from here on this issue and maybee someone can shed some light on mine. If anybody is happy with the results I can let you know where I bought these from so others can enjoy the media as well…

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [Not Available]
Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [YUDEN000]
Media Type ID : [T02]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x]

[ DVD Identifier V5.0.1 - ]


Lonely Bit, may I know [B]in which country [/B] you have been able to buy these TDK branded DVD+R 8x with the “YUDEN000-T02” MID code ?

I ask that because I have never been able tu buy a TDK branded DVD with a from Taiyo Yuden here in Europe
Thanks …


lol, while searching for Taiyo Yuden, I found that:

I can’t believe that this could be possibly genuine. TY from Albania, with such a packaging? Nuh-uh. :disagree:


Yeah I got a site in the USA that I been buying my T mean from and its legit. But i was looking at your link and I noticed on the box it talks about Xvid/Divx format. Now I get movies in Xvid format, BUT exactly what is this format consisted of? Is it replacing Divx?


XviD is an open-source alternative to DivX. :slight_smile:


Benq DW1655 BCIB at 8×, 2536 MB burned

sold as "Vanguard DVD-R 8×"
fake TYG02 made by Vanguard Disc (


For fake media, that’s a great burn. Some of my genuine Value TYG02 does not burn that well, although you only burned about half the disc so who knows how they do towards the edge.


Hi, people, will you please help me solve this mystery? I’ve bought couple of Verbatim branded TY DVD’s a few days ago just for a test burns, because this is the first time that TY DVD’s show up on the market in my country (Serbia), so I was skeptical about it.

I tested two 16X DVD-R (MID TYG03, batch No GH000142, Serial No. AE638A406976GH) and two 16X DVD+R (MID YUDEN000 T03, batch No TH000021, Serial No. JN5Y4100555PH). On both 25-cakebox wraps says Made in Japan, although the importer says they’re imported from China. The cakebox looks like regular Verbatim 25-cakebox, not like TY “that’s” cakebox (I have one “that’s” 50-cakebox, Plextor branded YUDEN000 T03, bought from SVP).

Since the markings were ok, I supposed they are genuine, [B]but look at these scans[/B]?!?!? I thought something went awfully wrong with my BenQ1650, so I tried one of my Plextor TY’s and that’s the fifth attached image, just for illustration that everything is ok with burner. The discs were burned at 8X or 12X.

What do you think, are these Verbatim TY’s genuine or fake?


Plextor TYs are the highest grade.
However I think that TH000021 is supposed to give a good or at least average result on each and every burner. Even my LiteOn does that.
Have you had SolidBurn and WOPC on?

And does the Verbatim cakebox have a gray bottom? The TY new style 25 cakeboxes have a gray bottom. A photo would be nice :slight_smile:
If they’re from China, it may well be that they’re B-grade or fake. But I haven’t heard fakers already faking/buying/… stampers from TY with the code.

Maybe [B]dakhaas[/B] can shed some more light on it…


I’m not asking about Plextor TY’s, I know they’re good, first 4 scans are Verbatim TY’s, and I’m wondering if they’re genuine. Btw, the WOPC was on and SB was OFF/ON (default settings).

Yes it has grey bottom (sorry, can’t post a phoyo). As I mentioned before, I don’t know if they’re from China (as stated on importer declaration) or Made in Japan (as stated on the cakebox wrap). Probably MIJ. The MID and batch numbers are ok, but burn quality is awfull!


Try with SolidBurn ON/ON. This might improve the burn quality.


Hi All, I’m new here and finding CDFreaks a real eye opener and a goldmine of information…

I’ve recently started paying much more attention to DVD media after finding that hundreds of my old (2 - 3 year) discs are no longer playable but price is still a big factor (I’m a Yorkshireman :bigsmile: ) so real TY is something of a luxury for me…

Anyway, a couple of months back, I grabbed a few spindles of unbranded full face printable ‘duplication’ media from Big Pockets (clicky ) and it appears to be more fake TY using MID YUDEN000T02. The discs are Aone MIJ branded and they come cello-wrapped without cakebox. There is absolutely no hubcode whatsoever nor any markings of any kind (which didn’t fill me with confidence). The printable surface is unusually large (non printable bore is just 18mm so regedit is needed to make Epson’s PrintCD fill the surface) and slightly glossy.

However, while I’m certainly no expert, they seem to burn and scan great in my Plex 755A. The (hopefully) attached scan is one I just burned but I’ve been using them for a couple of months now and rescanning the earliest ones shows no degradation so far. Burned at 8x using default YUDEN000T02 strategy.