Brands and disc types that are fake Taiyo Yudens



Please help us identify brands/discs that is fake Taiyo Yuden. Here is my list so far.

Most of these fake Taiyo Yudens is made by infosmart in Hong Kong.

Fake 8x DVD-R brands:
Bulkpaq 8x DVD-R
Budget 8x DVD-R
Mirror 8x DVD-R
Fortis 8x DVD-R
Datawrite RED 8x DVD-R
Infosmart 8x DVD-R (at least the printable version)
Hyundai 8x DVD-R
Matrix 8x DVD-R
Mr. DVD 8x DVD-R
Dupsonic 8x DVD-R
Laser 8x DVD-R
Kapi 8x DVD-R

Fake 8x DVD+R brands:
Hyundai 8x DVD+R
Mirror 8x DVD+R

Please reply to this post whenever you find more fake Taiyo Yuden media so we could keep track of this garbage. :a


GQ “Great Quality” 8X DVD-R = FAKE TYG02

Identification methods
If the discs are true Taiyo Yuden media, the packaging should be marked “Made in Japan”.
Discs made elsewhere with a TY MID code are most certainly fakes.

TYG02 identification:
Take a look at the discs, authentic TYG02 will have a serial number printed near the hub with two G letters or TG included. GG

For instance, one of my TYG02 discs has a black printed serial of: GG000041
and also a clear etched serial of: XA421B04273GG


I saw these obviously fake, i e-mailed them as ive brought media from them and would like to again heres a copy of the e-mail.

i see from this weeks offers e-mail that the mirror +R discs are YUDEN000T can you conferm whether these are genuine tayo yuden or fakes, the reason i ask is their are a lot of discs that claim to be TY, the media code should be YUDEN000T01 or YUDEN000T02.

i personaly only buy media from stores that display the media code (so i know what i`am buying) also i think twice about buying media from stores that sell fake media.

regards n atkins

if they answer i`ll post the reply.



do you know if this is also a fake brand?


Fujifilm03 - those Datawrite Classic grey 8x are about the first media I’ve seen with that code - they also do Prodisc R03 in their 8x +R … not a fake brand, but probably not the best example of any media code.

From what I read, Datawrite Red 8x -R have THREE possible codes

The Grey 8x -R can also be Prodisc F01

My opinion of Datawrite is going down with every different code they put under the same name!


I got this reply from cd-rmedia today.

Dear Nigel,

I have used Nero CD/DVD Speed to check the code on these discs, They show as follows YUDEN000 T02.

Hope this is of use to you.

Kind Regards The CD-R team


I can say Datawrite Classic Grey 8x +R are good. And the brand is not fake at all.
About Datawrite Classic Grey 8x -R, these can have the following media codes:

I haven’t tried ProdiscF01, only Fujifilm03. About Fuji, all I can say is that it is a good media and affordable too :slight_smile:

00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 88 0D 0C .l…@…R…
88 88 90 00 03 46 55 4A 49 46 49 00 04 4C 4D 30 …FUJIFI…LM0
33 00 00 00 05 B8 83 00 30 00 01 00 06 09 0F 10 3…0…



The discs you refer to are mirror discs. OC-Freak states in the first post that these are fakes…

Are those discs which acko refers to fakes or not ?


The discs you refer to are mirror discs. OC-Freak states in the first post that these are fakes…

as you can see from cd-rmedias reply they dont say much only that the media code is yuden000t02s. i`am not taking the risk mirror branded media is like ridisc avoid it like the plague.


hello, i got Fuji TYG02.

They’re made in Japan but in the hub code there isn’t a GG but code is TG001125 and there is also another one #0201.

Are these fake, or have Fuji branded TY a different code?



Don’t worry about it, those are genuine.


Hi out there :slight_smile:

I have bought a spindel of Fuji 8x DVD+R Taiyo Yuden at or (the same shop) with mediacode: YUDEN000T02
I.c.w. my Pioneer A08XLA i’ve burnt some 15 perfect DVD’s (even at 16x :bow: )
I realy have no doubt that these are genuine Taiyo Yuden’s, unless you can convince me otherwise.

I do have one qustion though. I always was told that a purply looking dye was a bad thing, not good quality. Now, these Fuji(TY) have got a purple looking dye. Is this a bad thing? Maby they ARE NOT genuine TY after all?


All DVD±R media is “purpley” looking! There might be some bluish type dyes out there but for the most part it is still purple colored.
Not sure where you received your misinformation.
Generally speaking, discs with a darker purple dye will be better than a light purple dye.

By the way, FujiFilm made in Japan discs are DEFINITELY authentic TY.


3pinter, so did I - and they seem to be very good indeed. They are made in Japan and secondly, Fuji disks, also the ones made by Ricoh tend to be of excellent quality in my experience. Too bad they are a bit expensive.


8X LASER brand by NASA in Ryde … fake TYG02
8X DGM (Digi media) by Capax in Silverwater… Fake TYG02
8X Sky -Silver From ebay… … Fake TYG02
8X Define - from ebay…… Fake TYG02


GIGATAIN …, another fake?


No, looks like a real TY.


I don’t understand german…, Taiyo Yuden Markenware = Manufactured by TY?


They are fake.


GreatAZO DVD-R 8x