Branded vs. Unbranded TY

can anyone explain the pros and cons of each? is one a better overall choice or are people still fighting it out on the subject.

i often see some people swearing by unbranded TY (i guess from rima?) and others (like myself) actually enjoy going to the store and finding which sony or fuji discs they need.

i understand that same brand doesn’t mean same quality since media ids come into play, but is it also true that same MID doesn’t mean same quality? or are the variations some people think they find just due to bad batches or something?

i know unbranded online are slightly more expensive (especially when you’re a bargain hunter like myself and actually enjoy getting stores to pricematch or finding the right coupons).

the price difference isn’t that much when they’re on sale so price isn’t really an issue for me, i was just wondering what peoples’ thoughts were on the subject. I’ll probably bite teh bullet and try them at some point, but right now i don’t have a basis for comparison as I’ve only ever used Sony or Fuji TYs from a local retailer.

If the price is the same, it makes no difference. Some problems have arisen in the past from Fuji TY leading a lot of people to avoid them, although they are now using other types of media (real crap). As long as you are able to identify Made in Japan, there should be no consistent difference, just the occasion problem as is always the case.

Speaking of branded TY, it looks like TY isn’t slowing down its 8x production any. I saw a new packaging of TYG02 on Yahoo Japan Auctions I’d never seen before, so it’s safe to say it’s new:


As I have posted before - I really cannot tell a difference (besides not coming in a cakebox) between the Rima TYG02 and the Shop4Tech TYG02 unbranded - and the Shop4Tech was like $24 per 100 delivered to my door (beats goin’ shoppin’ any day)