Branded TY media: way of the dinosaur?

Lately, it seems that it’s getting harder and harder to find branded TY media. The only ones that I see (and they seem to mixed with mostly non-TY) are Fuji’s. I did have a good run on TDK TY media when CUSA had their 21st anniv. sale. However, all of the new displays of TDK are MIT. In addition, my search for MIJ Sony’s has met with 100% failure. Hopefully, Fuji won’t completely phase out MIJ media. :frowning: I suppose I can always order non-branded TY from, but coming across stacks and stacks of branded TY at BB (or CUSA) and placing your grubby hands on spindle after spindle - PRICELESS! :slight_smile:

Try Plextor Media, the are TY for 100%, but maybe a bit expensive.

I am having a hard time finding them as well the FUJI TYs.

My local Best Buy is flooded with MIJ Fujis. Now, whether they’re good or not…

Oh they’re good alright…:slight_smile:

This was from batch 1133- burned at 12x on a Benq. IMO the only ones that were really flawed were from batch 1125, which should all be gone by now.

As an NEC owner, with a 1300, I cannot do such burn error checks, I wonder if any CDFreak user has burnt these Fuji TY media in an NEC 1300 and is able to see how this drive burns such media at x4?, and post the results?

I, too, am a 1300a owner who burns Fuji TYs, usually at 1.8x (due to the technological constraints of my ancient Vaio laptop). I’d love to see a low burn speed error scan.

Ok guys, ask and you will receive. I have an NEC 1300a in my backup computer and I’ve just burned a disk for you. It is a Fujifilm 8x Taiyo Yuden +R disk burned at 4x speed, then scanned in a BenQ 1620.

I’m using the last official firmware from NEC in that 1300a, the 1.0b.

Looks pretty good to me.

Thanks so much for that - much appreciated. I have to compare that scan to other BenQ’s now to see just how good it is :slight_smile:

Great service !