Branded Sony/Optiarc AD7590S



I have a TS-L633C/ASBF in my Asus G73 that is having problems reading rental DVD’s. I want to change it out to a Sony AD7590S so I can flash it with the Liggy/Dee bitsetting firmware which works great for my purposes. I guess I’ll buy the drive on eBay because they are cheap and available. Those for sale are branded (e-machines, dell, asus, etc.). If I buy an e-machines pull and flash it does it get rid of the brand and revert to a generic sony/optiarc? Only reason I ask is I remember buying an asus branded drive to replace one on my Dell E1705 some years ago and as I remember it didn’t work until I got rid of the brand (and I can’t remember how I did it.) Anyone???


The 7590S should work fine without any changes.