Brand noob question about copying dvds



hey all,

my brother has this dvd from when he went skydiving. its on a dvd-r and its less than a gig (~560mb). i tried copying the files to my drive, and i tried using the image recorder in nero to “burn” an image (to then try to burn that) but it errored. windows said disc can’t be read, and nero says burn failed.

BUT the disc does play in our dvd player.

question: are home authored (i’m assuming, since the skydiving people just recorded and burned this) dvds encrypted? would i be able to just copy the files or create an image of this dvd?

or do i HAVE to use other software to extract the dvd information?

a link would be very much appreciated.

thank you!


use dvd decrypter to copy and burn.
the following guide can be used to achieve your aim - just ignore the dual layer stuff.


thank you, i used dvddecrypter to extract the files, and used nero to burn the dvd. (i did run into a snag, one of the .BUP files was unreadable, and i just copied/renamed the corresponding .IFO file and it worked!)