Brand new TDKs with data already burnt

I purchased a pack of 20 TDKs, and a couple of the dvd+r have data already burned on them. 3 out of the 20 have data written on them and the size of the data is identical on each one. Anyone have a clue what this could be?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds to me that you got some “rewraped” returns-

Take them back-


Depends on what that data is :bigsmile: - might be worth keeping. On the other hand, if it’s anything like in “Enemy of the State” burn 'em and go into hiding.

i had a dvd+rw with a film on it and it was brand spanking new


Forgive me here - but I just can’t see some worker at CMC sneeking in burned discs and inserting them into cakeboxes to get them outta the country-

I still think that it was a rewrapped return - especially if it was bought at Best Buy or Frys


dont matter please delate

Isn’t that the truth. I actually watched those dirty B-Tards over at Best Buy, put on the returned merchandise license UPC codes on my discs right after I told them that they all had spotting in the dye. Even websites with bad reputations (ie meritline) don’t stoop that low.

Yo Jesterrace-

Now - that’s the first favorable comment about Meritline that I have seen you ever give - (but - I would not put it past them IMO)-


Yeah, but I still didn’t paint a very nice picture of them. I just said that they were better than Best Buy in that regaurd. . . . .which doesn’t mean a thing. :wink: