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Okay - using CloneDVD2 when i click “write” to burn the cd i get a problem with space. Not enough space or something of that sort. I’m using Sony DVD-R 4.7GB 120min disc to burn a 110 minute movie. What am i doing wrong?

by the way - let me introduce

Name is Ryan - 23yr old male work as firefighter in the air force married w/ 2 kids served time in baghdad just got back 3 months ago

great thanks for the help

What am i doing wrong? - no idea, as i never use clonedvd. why ? cos dvd shrink is better. i have a guide if u r interested.


what are you exactly doing? You have to make sure that you have defined DVD-5 when you extract the movie from the original DVD to your HD.

i dont know what imdoing either i guess. i just put a dvd in and put the dvd r in the the right drive then open dvdclone. . . .kep al the defaul selections and click next till it begins to write. i am using nero dvd burn have an idea how to get past cpyright on that? or a free program i can get to burn back-ups of owned dvd’s?

or a free program i can get to burn back-ups of owned dvd’s? :wink:

thank you

I’m not sure about the disk space thing (I have only used it a few times quite a while ago). If you like clonedvd you can use smartripper or dvddecryptor to rip the dvd to your hard drive (which will remove the copyguard). Then treat the folder you ripped to as if it were a dvd and use clone dvd. You can also run anydvd in the background and copy direct from the dvd using clonedvd. Many like dvddecryptor and dvd shrink. Personally I use anydvd and nero.

okay well now im trying to use dvddecrypter and dvd shrink

but the decyrpter is giving me an error and it says

I/O error!

Device: [3:1:0] HL-DT-ST DVD-Rom GDR8162B 0017 (I:) (ATA)

ScsiStatus: 0x02
Interpretation: Check Condition

CDB: 28 00 00 00 0A 30 00 00 01 00
Interpretation: Read(10) - Sector 2608

Sense Area: F0 00 03 00 00 0A 30 0A 00 00 00 00 11 00 00 00 00 00
Interpretation: Uncovered read error

what could this mean?

Read errors mean that the drive cannot read part of the disk. It’s usally either a poor burn (if it is one you burned yourself) or scratches/damage to the disk if it is an original pressed disk. It could also be copyguard on a few originals. What are you trying to backup?

well see i got a 2 yr old soon so i’m trying to make back-ups of all his dvd’s because he plays with them alot and scratches them all to hell. The dvd is a little scratched but its not real bad is very playable.

I’m wondering which dvd you are copying? (some dvd’s have unreadable sectors on purpose as a copy protection)

Thats kind of what I was thinking (I think disney does a lot of that kind of stuff if they are kids movies). There are usally work arounds though.
Rhyno T99
Even if it plays fine in a stand alone player, it may still be too scratched to copy. Dvd drives are trying to read every byte of information on the entire disk, not just play the movie.
Here is a thread that talks a little about dealing with scratched disks.
Also, a good idea would be to try backing up a few diffrent disks. If some work you know that there may be a problems with some of the disks. If none work then maybe it is a problems with your setup or proceedure.

If it is very dirt I reconmend diswahser liquid, and if that doesn’t work use brasso

hey guys, i tried a different disc…it worked. it would’nt let me do menu or special features though, only the movie. but thats all i needed thanks for the help

okay now im having trouble with friday night lights. I’m trying to use DVDecrypter but i have no ideal what im doing. i just press decrypt and after that i’m lost. but the burner which is dvd shrink says that it failed to send the challenge question or something like that.

See if this site helps at all:

I havent got a clue about your problem, but well done for serving out in baghdad. We are all very proud of you! :slight_smile:

okay…everything was working fine until i reached this point in the instructions:

Once completed, DVD Shrink will automatically quit, and DVD Decrypter will be started automatically and set the source image file ready to be burnt. From here you can also change the burn speed if you wish, the default is the maximum speed the media will allow

Click on the to start the burn process

Now you have the progress of the actual DVD image being burnt to your media, with the approximate time remaining

If you want to automatically delete the image files after burning, set the Delete the image when done option

Once completed, click OK and quit DVD Decrypter and test your DVD in your standalone player

—once completed hte dvd shrink did not close out and the dvd decrypter did not automatically start. Does anybody know what i do now??

The only thing I can think of is that there is a selection you need to make in DVD Shrink which you may have missed.

In the Preferences area of DVD Shrink there is a tab labeled File I/O. Make sure that there isn’t a tick mark in the box next to Enable Burning With Nero.

Rhyno99 Glad you came back safe. My son who is a sgt in the army just returned last Sept You guys are doing a great job…Sign me…A VietNam Vet

Now for your problem…Shrink DVD defaults to nero after shrinking the files, not decryptor. Using decryptor you have to decode the movie then use shrinkDVD to reprocess the files so they fit on a single S/L DVD and then burn it. Its much easier to use CloneDVD2 to compress and burn with AnyDVD in the back ground to decode the copy protection. With CloneDVD2 you don’t need to have the aspi files installed. Nero has their own aspi files but they don’t work for ShrinkDVD or decryptor. Both have free 20 day trials. This is easyest program to use bar none. The finished movie is every bit as good as shrinkDVD.Download CloneDVD2 at and download AnyDVD at There is a guide on elbys website to walk you though using the program. “Ollie” the ConeDVD2 author is also on this forum. I suggest you read some of the posts that appear in the DVD Movie and software forum. If you need anymore help PM me and I’ll help you out