Brand new LTR-48246S update Frimware?

I dont know what to do just installed my new LiteON 48X and I dont know if I should update firmware in fact I dont know how to check the firmware and if hte Update I got off the LiteON Site is the best way to go id apreciate a line or 2 plZ and thanx:bigsmile:

Yes update your firmware. When you run the update from the Lite-ON site, it will tell you what verion is on your drive in the drop down list next to the drive’s name.

Thanx dhc014 I apreciate the help I have all the tools just didnt know witch way was up hehe im a lil timid about updating firmware cause if the lights go out its a world of pain any way All I need to do us plug in the batery so I avoid that problem BTW I was in the Formware forum whats this they call flashing to emulate other drives?? I’d apreciate a nother post on this cause some one flashed his memorex as a Smasung and I went HUH???:rolleyes:

any way thanx and happy hunting hmmm 7 or some posts against 512 damn im new !:confused:

btw how do you all getthe cool pics???:o

What do you mean cool pics?

And Lite-ON based drives are fairly easy to recover even after a bad flash.

Flashing to emulate drives… It is not emulation, it is a conversion. the drives have the same hardware so you can flash the firmware among the different models. LTR-****6S with LTR-****6S and LTR-***5 with LTR-***5

Nv Mind about teh pics lol… thats something I didnt know about the drives but I dont know if we mean the same thing I read about some guy flashing his Memorex with a Samsung firmaware either that or I need to sleep more hehe… apreciate a post to this newbie here :bigsmile: