Brand new Lite-On SHM-165P6S is not burning DVDs/VCDs properly

I have a brand new SHM-165PS DVD-RAM drive. After I make a VCD or burn DVD files and replay them, the picture is all jumpy until it finally freezes and stops. I’ve used Sony VCDs and T-Blue DVDs and burnt using Nero 7 and dvdSanta. I also have InCD5 installed on this drive and have upgraded my firmware to Mv9nwin.exe.

Should I reduce my write speed or return this player to the shop?

Can someone give me advice to get this DVD-RAM working?

Thanks in advance.


As an afterthought, altghough I’ve installed the new Mv9nwin.exe. firmware. When I go to: Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>DVD/CD-ROM drives and view the driver for the SHM-165PS DVD-RAM drive, all it shows me is an old windows XP 2001 driver. Shouldn’t these specs. be showing the Mv9nwin.exe. firmware instead?

I’m in Thailand, so is it possible that this Lite-On SHM-165P6S has peculiarities?

The driver is fine!!!
Don’t get confused, the driver has nothing to do with the firmware.
You don’t tell us what media you use! The kind of issue you are refering is more related to the media quality.
If you are trying to burn a DVDRAM, be aware that very few dvd players are compatible with them. Most people uses DVDRAM for data backup.

I’m not trying to burn a DVDRAM, I paid in decent baht for it! I’m trying to see if the retailers trying to do the burning.

Can you please explain the difference between my driver and firmware? How can I view the firmware’s specs?

I’m using TDK DVDs and Sony VCDs and burning clips of my holidays and a few Bird music videos. Is this the media which you refer to? Please help :flower:

You can see your firmware version in Nero info tool.
Try scanning your burnt DVD with nero cd speed, and post the result.

I’m all about the Verbatims and use DVD-R’s usually. I burn at 4x sometimes even. Get best results that way.

I had a similar problem yesterday with mine with a commercially pressed DVD. I noticed the drive started to spin up faster than usual when I started playing the DVD. Then the video got scrambled and the sound went bad. I ejected the disc, set the drive speed to 4x with nero drive speed, and started over again. Everything was fine after that.

With 4x rated DVD media, yes. :stuck_out_tongue:
CAV burning may have a lower jitter, but nowadays this shouldn’t make a difference anyway, so 8x media should be burned at 8x. 16x media, the big exception, may perform better at 12x.

Hi! Yes, the media referred to are the discs (CD & DVD) that you are using. The “driver” is a software interface between the hardware (your burner) and the Operating System (your Windows installation). For optical drives the driver is included with Windows, so you do not need to install it yourself. The “firmware” on the other hand controls the burner’s operation from a chip located inside the drive. Optical drive manufacturers update the firmware to improve performance and compatibility of their burners with different (new) media. :slight_smile:

wow. i just purchased this burner from newegg last night. i sure hope i dont have these issues. be sending it right back to them if so. good luck.

Is there a way to test to see if 8x or 12x might work too?

I tried playing back at 12x and 8x speed too, but its too noisy. I used nero drivespeed to control the speed of the drive. However, nero drivespeed doesn’t have complete control of the speed. Sometimes I stick a disc in there and it automatically plays it back at the speed settings set in nero drivespeed and other times it plays back at the slow smart-x speed only.


Why did you install non-official test firmware?

Should I reduce my write speed or return this player to the shop?
You can’t return the drive, as you voided your warranty by flashing test firmware.


Ok, I’m Sadgirl. I lost my password and couldn’t remember my e-mail address, either.

Anyhow, here’s an update.

I solved the problem by slowing down the burn speed, to as slow as I could.

About three months ago the drive wouldn’t burn to any CD/DVD at all. Actually it could, but no drive could read the CD/DVD.

Despite the poster above’s misleading advice, I returned the drive to where I bought it, they returned it to lite-on and I was returned a new model LH-18A1P, as a replacement.

Apparently the SHM-165P6S model was a faulty piece of junk.

Live and learn, eh?

Most likely the MV9N test firmware was faulty rather than the SHM-165P6S. Many if not most consider the 160P6S and 165P6S models superior to newer models like the 1 you now have. I too had problems with the MV9N firmware which wouldn’t even burn Verbatim -R media or MCC004 Playo, but upgrade to MSOP firmware fixed the problem. Note latest firmware is MSOR, but it wouldn’t burn the MCC004 either; thus I flashed back to MSOP firmware.