Brand new Lite-On 48125w not working

I have just bought a Lite-On 48125w, but I can’t make it work properly. When I tell Nero to verify the burned data, at least one file is unreadable or is skipped. This happens in spite of the fact that I burn the CDR’s with the max speed printed on them (12x), as well as slightly below that (8x).
I have tried repairing WindowsXP but to no avail. I have also tried to burn in Windows98, and strangely I succeeded with a VivaStar CDR. Yet, a Mr. Platinum CDR with equivalent storage capacity and max speed (12x) failed, as usual…

I have checked my jumper settings and BIOS settings, and they’re both set for Secondary Master, just as my old drive.
I have also checked my IDE channel settings and it’s set for DMA.

I should also mention that my Nero is updated to the latest and that SmartBurn has been enabled all the time.

Could someone possibly help me to sort this out??

Even I don’t like the Verify data option in nero.

Its not reliable.

Use CDSpeed File Test option in the Scandisk menu.

You’ll get reliable results.

Well, sadly it turns out that Verify Data options IS reliable in this case…CD Speed reports the same errors…

Aided by some people from the forum at I was finally able to make it work. It turned out to be a firmware update that did the trick. So, now I’m happily burning 12x-certified discs at 36x - without any errors at all!! :slight_smile:

So, VS08 did the trick for U ???

You will not get such errors if you set a low read speed using Nero Drive Speed.

Look at my post here

Upgraded to VS08.

Not much difference.