Brand New Frisbie!


Just wondering why I’m burning Frisbies of late.

I had an Acer CDR and used the OEM Easy CD Creator 4.5.

I have now upgraded to a Samsung DVD±R/RW and use the Nero software that came with the drive.

I have been trying to continue burning files to my Easy CD multisession (open session) discs, but have lost two discs in doing this so far :confused:

On the first CD, it did not continue on, but created a separate ring away from the previously burnt junk. Kinda like the Saturn Ring Effect!

The next one looks like either it tried to burn over part of the old session, or it simply stuffed up the burn entierly, as there are thick ghosted effects towards the outer burn edge, with chunks missing in it.

It burnt the disc at 24x.

Maybe I’ll burn it slower next time - perhaps that will be better?

Thanks you all…

Dvd Chappy

what brand and type of disks are you using.(DVD-RW or DVD+RW) Provide the disk media info from diskinfo if possible

The DVDs were TDK DVD+R, though re-the DVD issue, I have been informed only WXP displays the last recorded session; all other Windows versions show just the first session.

Re-the CDR issue in this topic - TDK.

My original recordings in multisesson were performed on an Acer drive and Easy CD Crreator.

Now I am using a Samsung DVD±R/RW drive and Nero software … I think this is the conflicting issue (?)

From what I have read, mutisession discs can be hard to read on some drives. I reccommend getting all the information together and make 1 complete burn. If you must add files a few at a time get some cdrw disks

try to read your lost sessions with IsoBuster and then, if you find them, extract them to the HD and burn them again to a new disk
Good luck