Brand New DVR-108 won't recognize CD blanks on XPSP2

I just purchased a new DVR-108 internal drive from and installed it on a Dell XPSP2 box. For some reason, when using Sonic MyDVD Studio 6.0 to burn a redbook audio CD, not a single CD blank I tried was recognized by the system as a blank, writeable CD. Same results for just inserting a blank CDR into the drive and waiting for Windows to recognize it and launch the Autoplay dialog. I flashed the firmware to the latest version offered by Pioneer; still no dice. I’ve tried Imation and eWorks branded media; nothing. I went out and bought brand new Memorex Music CD media (I know its just branding), still nothing. Can anyone offer any insight as to what to do next? Or do I just have a bad drive? I haven’t tried DVD blanks yet.