Brand New CD Burner

Hi ,how you doing
I just bought myself a new burner (cd) .It’s a L.G. GCE 8481B
to speed up my svcd making(I thought)
It was cheap and burns alot faster than my old one(IDE HP 9500)
Anyway , now for some reason my dvd player does not accept
these svcd’s made by the new burner(The dvd player is a JVC XV S502 SL)
The dvd player does play svcd’s made by the old one.

has anyone ran into this problem before


Slow the speed of the burn down, simple as that. On my LiteOn 48x, I still burn at 16x as anthing higher can cause playback problems.

Thanks for your reply

I tried it at 8x but the DVD still does not recognize the disc as
a SVCD (The DVD player just abruptly ejects the disc without

Thanks agian:confused: