Brand new benq 822 doens't work

Yes. Prodiscs03 is a lot better than VDSPMSAB 01 and Yi Jhan 01. Yi Jhan 01 is slightly better than VDSPMSAB 01.

Hey guys, Just got the new drive today (replacement in just 4 business days) and it’s working perfectly so far (crosses fingers)

Burned a few ps2 games and a few dvd movies, everything seems to be fine, no skipping or anything.

My faith for Benq has gone up a bit! hopefully it won’t crap out on me again.
THanks to everyone’s help and comments!

great to hear all worked out, and thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Some ps2 machines will be picky with dvd+/-r.
the most solid method is bitset your dvd+r to dvd-rom before burning/backup of ps2 images.

Aside from that, images downloaded from net may not be full working games, nor proper ntsc/pal format.

I have a 822a B3IC, all my burned ps2 dvds are playable (using cheap pine dvd+r bitset to dvd-rom).

If you’re going to test functionality of a burner, don’t test it with ps2 games as you’re just adding more confusion into your deductive process. stick to pc data.