Brand new 851S drive. Should I upgrade the firmware?

Well, I bought a Lite-On 815S DVDRW drive yesterday from Best Buy and after reading these forums I’m a bit worried about the quality of this drive.

I won’t be burning any DVD’s for another couple of days, but I’m going to be using Ritek G04 DVD-R (4X) discs. I was told these are one of the best media.

Right now my drive has firmware GS08 (dated 12/10/2003). After looking at DHC014’s page, I noticed there is a GS0A and GS0C firmware.

Should I upgrade to either of these firmwares before I start burning DVD’s?

Any other advice or tips you can give me before I start recording?

Well, nevermind I guess. For some reason Alcohol 120% (the burning program) would not fully recognize my DVDRW drive.

I updated my firmware to GS0C and it now properly recognizes it.

However, there are a few weird things.

When I insert a DVD (blank or non-blank) and go to view the drive information it reports max read speed at 67x or something like that.

Is that normal?

Also, if I leave my drive empty and I go to record something it shows that my only writing speed is 5.7x. However if I insert a blank disc it shows the proper speeds (8x, 4x, 2.4x, etc)

Is any of that normal?

Originally posted by sofakng
Is any of that normal?

Yeah, that’s all normal.