Brand new 3540: first doubt

Hi. Today I’ve bougth my first DVD recorder, the NEC 3540. I just replaced my CD-RW drive and installed the DVD, so it’s slave in IDE2. The drive label says has date May 2005 and the firmware is 1.01 according Nero Infotool. The IDE drives are:

IDE1: Master: hard drive 1, Slave: DVD-ROM
IDE2: Master: hard drive 2, Slave: NEC DVD-RW

So I did my first two trials. Firstly I tried with a DVD-Video backup. I had the files in my hard drive 1 and the almost 3GB were recorded in 5 minutes more or less.
The second trial was a 4GB image file from hard drive 2 and the process took 15 minutes.

Wasn’t the second one too long? Should I change my IDE configuration and put both hard drives in the same ide and optical ones in the other one?

This is usually the best thing to do. :iagree:


OK, I’ll change that and try again. The second recording didn’t like me. The drive buffer was oscilating a lot and the disc makes some noise when inserting it in my DVD reader.

I forgot to say that I used Verbatim DVD-R 16x and I recorded at that speed in both cases.