Brand name or no name

hey there,

my question is whether to buy one of the various hugely rebated drives that are often rebagged by other companies or to spend the extra 30-40 dollars to get one from a known company like memorex or sony. there is currently a drive at compusa that i was thinking about:

8x4x4x12 Dual Format DVD Recorder DVD+/-R+/-RW Drive
Manufacturer: Memorex
Mfg Part #: 32023237
Product Number: 308456
Price: $129.99*
after: $50.00 mail-in rebate(s)

but there is also a drive out there by magic spin, which is i/o magic which rebaggs optowrite drives sometimes (ddw0401) on sale at officemax for around 100.

also, do the companies like sony, who are heavily involved in the copywrite protection world, have any special extra copywrite stuff built into their drives.

and is the true 8x (both for + and -) going to shortly become the standard? if so, when, and should we expect these drives to fall to similar prices.

thanks a ton in advance for your time.

It’s hard to tell what you’re going to get with all the rebadging going on. I purchased the I/O Magic 8x drive and ended up with the BTC 1008IM rather than the Optowrite. I should have checked the box better (the s/n on the BTC drives starts with a letter, and the Optowrite with a number I think), and the fact that the Optowrite drive comes with the Pinnacle (lousy) software while the BTC comes with EZ CD Creater (not as bad, but not as good as Nero), which would have been another tip off when looking at the box. Although the BTC was quiet, and worked flawlessly for me with various media at 4x, I still have yet to hear about it writing successfully at 8x on an 8x rated disc. I returned it yesterday because of this, not knowing whether it really is 8x capable. I ended up ordering the NEC 2500A which seems to have had great results writing on lots of media, and also at 8x, both on +R and -R media. The only thing I was concerned about was the NEC not ripping very fast because of the 5x limit in the firmware, but since there has been success in unlocking this limitation in the firmware, my concern went away, and at $110 delivered (no tax, no shipping), it only came out to about $1.75 more than I had paid for the I/O Magic drive after tax, a no brainer as far as the decision went.