Brand name joke?!



What should that name imply?

Or is it an too early April Joke???


LMAO!!! That is some funny shit!!! :iagree:


I’d be interested to know just how you found that link. :bigsmile:


Definitely got to be a gag. After all MFID=ProdiscFU. Definitely funny though. :wink:


You should submit it to

good find :iagree: :iagree:


Buy Gay media for the perfect harmony between your media and the burner.
Your burner will still loves them! :wink:


:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


LMAO!!! Well spotted, chef - funny stuff (I gotta get me some of those…) :bigsmile:

LOL @ rapidfire :bigsmile:


OOOhh, such a nice product!!! Each DVD comes with a pink paper sleeve…lovely!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah, and the spindles are wrapped in leather, with the famous exclusive leather hat on the top. :smiley:


LOL! This is another thread that I’m beginning to enjoy :bigsmile:


I suspect it is actually a photoshop job. The logo is very similar to Smartbuy’s logo. See here :

Smartbuy is Prodisc’s own house brand.

It’s still pretty darn funny though! :slight_smile:


The lucky Japanese at least have lots of better media to pick…


By following a link posted about some media scans, right from this very subsection.


I just visited this thread and then moved on clicking on TOP and scrolled down… you’ll see lots of G’s there…

What a joke.