Brand and MID codes

Is there really a reliable way to determine the MID code of blank DVDs before buying?

I have visited the web sites listed on this site and tracked down the brands that were supposed to have MID codes compatible with my 1008.

In two cases out of two, however, the MID codes were not those listed on the web sites. Apparently, the companies selling the media are fond of changing suppliers…

In my case, I was lucky, however, and the MID codes that I bought were compatible anyway, just not the ones listed on the web sites.

How likely is it if I buy name brand media that I will get MID codes not listed by BTC as compatible? Can I just go out and buy brand-name media? I hate to do that, as I can’t bring it back once it’s open if it should happen not to be compatible.

Does anyone have a sure-fire solution to this problem?

Which web sites did you use to get the Brand/MID code data? If you didn’t use, I would check out their DVD media database.

Thanks, I had tried that site before, but using the 1008 as a search parameter, which produced all of 3 hits.

This time I just used brand, and the MID code for one batch that I have came up correct. The other, however, was still incorrect. In many cases the UPC/EAN code is missing, making it impossible to know which of the possibilities is the correct one (assuming that companies change the UPC/EAN code when the supplier changes…).

Keeping up with the re-labelers seems to be quite difficult…


an other possible way is to buy the media in the web, there are some stores like which tell you the mid.

… not of all medias but from the most.



Thx, herbei, a good idea.