BrainTeaser:vhs to dvd error w/usb capture cable?

:confused: I searched the forum and no one has posted this prob. I am using a kworld usb capture cable and xpert dvd maker software. When this method is used I can capture the video in mpeg 2 but its too large to fit on dvd. Tried shrink to reduce it and it comes up with vob errors everytime. Tried Nero Vision express and files burn to dvd but the sound is delayed after the action, like the old kungfu movies. I have a 2.5ghz pc and 512mb of ram. Anyone else have similar probs with making vhs backups with usb capture cable?

this thread might help.

Make sure the captured mpeg2 files are dvd compliant sized (720x480 NTSC or 720x576 PAL) and the audio is at 48khz, then just author them in latest TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab. If the result is a bit to big, then Shrink, DVD2One or CloneDVD can be used to reduce it to size.