Brainspark works on tech. to triple blue/red laser disc capacity

I just posted the article Brainspark works on tech. to triple blue/red laser disc capacity.

 Up until now, the main method of adding capacity  to optical discs is to decrease the track pitch as well as decrease  the size of the pits to pack more on the disc.  Other...
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Yes this is true and I´m today (1st of april 2006)very prod as chairman,headdeveloper and everything else,to announse the “uRdibuRdi liquidisc”!!It has a capability of 13Tb on each of the 2 sides. The only annoying effedt so far with the “uRdibuRdi LDVD” is the smell of Guiness…but it will likely in the near future be removed before the LDVD is in your local shop.We also have a close relationship to the Swedish developer “Pripps” of a reader/burner capable of handling the “uRdibuRdi LDVD” /:+ g_s

Hehehehe, wouldn’t mind one of them :wink: The press release source of the article was dated March 30th :stuck_out_tongue:

so is this real or…? :slight_smile:

For those who thought this was an April’s fool, apparently this was actual news. The source was dated March 30th, however as it was published here after midnight March 31st CET, it came up as April 1st news. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must be getting very old if not seeing oxymoron :wink: