Brain-teaser du jour: DVD-R to DVD+R/RW



Hey Loob and ABC,

I got a DVD-R disc which I’d like to backup so I can play the
clone, not the original. Problem is I’m DVD+R/RW based
(HPi420 and +R/RW discs). I made an image file on my
Hard drive, and record now even burned a +RW disc,
but it won’t play. Do I have to rip it instead of image file


No reason why it shouldn’t play. Try different software, perhaps DVDDecrypter ISO read and ISO write?



Thanks Loob,
I may have to (finally) use something other than RecordNow to make image files.
No way to know actually if RecordNow’s “image” is proprietary or generic (ISO).
The +R to +R clone process always worked, and played on lots of different
units, but this case was -R to +R.

Wrong forum probably to ask this, but seems the number of new posts is
WAY down from the Jorg’s old site. U think it’s just been re-destributed to other
CDFreaks forums (I haven’t visited yet?) and/or loss (short or long term) of
old members due to different url?
different location and/or


I have converted both ways from +r to -r, and vice versa with no problems. I have done this with both RecordNow and Nero.


The point has been made that a lot of the old sub-forum categories are already to be found in other areas of CD Freaks. The moderator here has indicated that this section is mainly for standalone recorders; however the management are open to suggestions. There’s only one or two of us who have put forward ideas - mainly for trying to retain things as they were!

I think many people haven’t found their way here yet, and DoMiN8ToR has suggested mailing the old members from the list of the old forum. However, Aybeesea is definitely missing in action…