BR-X816U2-EU BH10NS30 firmware revision



Dear forum users,

I have just purchased this blu-ray drive in the UK and have a few questions which I would like to confirm the answers to for sure or are new questions. Please could you help me if you know the answers?

Is this Buffalo labelled drive definitely an internal LG drive and not any other manufacturer?

I would like to find out the internal firmware revision and date. This is usually listed in third-party utils, or Windows XP / Control Panel / System / Hardware / Device Manager, but it only shows the major version being EL00. I know the latest version is EL00-07 from other posts in the forums. I would like to read this without having to backup the firmware and without messing with the firmware. Is this possible? How?

Can this drive be cross flashed to a more stable-writing drive, for example a Pioneer? If yes, to which brand, model and what is the firmware, please?

Thanks so much for any help.

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I’ve the same blu-ray drive.(came with Cyberlink sofware Power2go)
I found the firmware updater from
If you will open the file and run the updater it will first tell you the the current firmware version ( I’ve
EL00-06) and the new version! (You can cancel the update process…)
The free program VSO Inspector from
tells the date of firmware. (mine 2009-10-01 12:34:56)
My problem is that I’m not able to add data into the blu ray disk( verbatim BD-RE 2x) with the Power2go.BD ver.
I’m not sure whether this BR drive supports multisessions!!
VSO inspector says it can read multisession disks…but nothing about writing.

Do you know how to back up the current firmware of the Buffalo br-x816u2? What software?
I would do that in any case If I knew how to do it. According to some user reviews, the drive should be ok.
This forum looks very practical. Thanks to all you who are here. The is also very good source of sofware.
Any similar website where to find updates for Power2go software?
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Hi mrfinn1,

Thanks very much for the reply and the information, and welcome to the forum.

I recently knew of the rpc firmware site, but did not know that this updater would show me the firmware revision inside my new Buffalo drive. I will try it, to see. Thanks.

Also, I knew of the VSO Inspector, but did not know it showed the fw date. Thanks, again.

Since my drive is brand new and I could not afford to replace it, I want to be very careful with it. From info on this forum, I flashed my Freecom drive to a LiteOn (it is a rebadged LiteOn, anyway) but I have since then been so happy with its more stable burning and better media compatability! Excellent. Thanks, guys.

I am not sure about how you go about mutli-session, but there is a packet writing application in the CyberLink software for incremental writing which I have un-installed as this tends to be an un-reliable method of writing. I am not sure if the Power2Go application uses packet witing anyway! I think I will start a new thread to ask what writing modes or methods are available when writing blu-ray discs.

I have the same version of Power2Go as you v6.0.0.3311 and without updating through the application believe this is the latest version.

To update inside the CyberLink application:

Open Blu-ray Disc Suite > press the button at the bottom with the
arrow pointing upwards > two buttons at bottom are 1. check for latest version, 2. Open the CyberLink upgrade page

You can use imgburn instead of CyberLink at as this has many complicated options for writing, but personally after trying it once with this blu-ray drive to write and then verify a blu-ray data disc it seemed to be trying to read the blu-ray far too quickly and kept speeding up so fast (but within the normal drive reading speed of 8x) and slowing down and I think it will wear the drive and do it no good. I opened the drive afterwards and not sure if it came from my hands, but there was a little condensation on the plastic sides. There was no speed diff in writing but CyberLink reads at a softer speed and not much time diff.

Not sure if I could help anymore, but in what way do you need to make a multi-session disc - including what diff types of data on the disc? If you don’t get a reply to this from anyone, it is probably best starting a new thread.

Below is my research prompting my LG and Pioneer questions.
**** Please note — these solutions are totally NOT tested by me ---- so ONLY use at your own risk ****

Firmware dumping/flashing for Renesas chipset by Devilsclaw (possibly needed files)

LG BH10NS/LS30 ---- The LG BH10 uses RENESAS R8J32720FPV chipset.

I bought both the Buffalo BR-H1016FBS (a LG BH10NS30)
and the Pioneer BDR - 205, they all use the same chipset,
but the Pioneer (IMO) produces much better burns

  • here is are burns from the Buffalo (LG clone) at 10x for MEI RA1 001 (Panasonic 6x 25 gb) media:

Thanks also to anyone who can confirm for sure that the Buffalo BR-X816U2-EU BH10NS30 is an LG internal drive with a Renesas chipset who’s firmware can be backed-up with Devilsclaw’s tool and can it be flashed to a Pioneer or other? Which drives could it be flashed to? Which firmwares?

Thanks to everyone.

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many thanks,
> update inside the CyberLink application:
>Open Blu-ray Disc Suite > press the button at the bottom with >the arrow pointing upwards > two buttons at bottom are 1. check >for latest version, 2. Open the CyberLink upgrade page

I thought it’s an upgrade only option. But there is really an update button as well. Unfortunately for me the CL application tells " you are not connected to the internet". I’m using mobile broadband. (my version of the software is same as yours so it should be the latest one.)
Surprisingly enough the CL application tells that the buffalo drive is
TAO, SAO and DAO compatible. However I can’t check any of those options while tryring to burn the disk. I am using Verbatime Blu ray disk. Perhaps another brand would work better.