BR does SD2.9 without EWS

Just thought i’d let everybody know the latest version of blindwrite will do SD 2.9 without Enhance Weak Sectors selected.
DEVASTATION was the game i did and runs perfect. On cdr and cdrw discs.

Good news.

It’s getting better and better.

I’m waiting for BW5. :bow: :bow: :bow:

Which burner did you use??


A Mitsumi 48X09TE. Read at 8x & wrote at 10x autoplay only selected. I’m still testing these drives out below. So far all these drives recognise the disc first time with no problems. Plus i don’t get this message anymore: Please insert disc2 data cab3 needed.
Maybe this was something to do with the protection itself but i’m not really sure. It also works on the previous version of BR

Pioneer A05 DVD-r/rw
LG 52x cdrw
Ricoh 5120 dvd+r/rw
Liteon 52246S
Mitsumi 48x9TE
Toshiba XM-6402B Cd Rom
Toshiba SD-M 1402 DVD Rom