Br Does Latest Sd 2.9 With No Probs

Just tried Devastation & Indiana Jones & The Emperor’s Tomb. This has to be the easiest by far of any safedisk 2.9 game i’ve done. It seems that the lower read speed and write speed help quite a lot. The higher you go the longer it takes to recognise the disk or even not at all. Recognised in all my drives:

Pioneer A05 DVD-r/rw
LG 52x cdrw
Ricoh 5120 dvd+r/rw
Liteon 52246S
Mitsumi 48x9TE
Toshiba XM-6402B Cd Rom
Toshiba SD-M 1402 DVD Rom
Read devastation with the mitsumi at 4x + nibble option. Wrote at 10x. Read Indy with the Mitsumi at 2x + nibble option. Wrote at 4x. Both discs instantly recognised in all drives.

Unclebobie23 :bigsmile:

To solve all problems: did you try the cd on a pc without Bw installed?

When you burned the cd autoplay feature was on or off? have you thea autoplay feature standalone?