I downloaded the WinDWFlash.exe, for My BenQ DW1620,
When I clicked on it it said run, then I got a dialog box,
I was told to get the Image
(or words to that effect) I can’t remember the exact wording.
However I did not know what I was supposed to do next.
Could someone please help?
Also Is there A diffence between B7T9.cvt and B7T9?
thanks so much!

IreneR, when the windows open up, just select the firmware you want to flash the 1620 and click ok. Both B7T9 firmwares are the same, the .cvt is just a binary version, without the executable incorporated. If you use B7T9.exe directly, you won’t need WinDWFlash, unless your 1620 has a ‘G’ firmware, aka, OEM.

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Take a look [B][U]here[/U][/B] :
It should help.
If using a .exe file of B7T9, you don’t need WinDWFlash.
If you have OEM f/w you might need Quikee’s BQFlasher, otherwise as KTL has said you should be able to just flash.
The .cvt files are the f/w without a flasher. Most common use is to crossflash or backflash a drive.
In terms of drive’s actual performance, there shouldn’t be any difference between the .cvt & .exe of the same f/w.

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Now to Business you apparently guessed
I already have B7T9; yes I got this a few months ago.
So I don’t need WinDWFlash, That’s settled
You also said "just Flash"does this mean,
I have to keep on flashing?
I only flashed the first time I downloaded this file.
I don’t know were it is.
Could you tell me what cross flashing,
and back flashing a drive is? what does it do?
When you say OEM f/w were you referring to the
Burner itself or the file, because the burner is OEM
everything on my Computer was preloaded at the Shop.
best regards

IreneR, I was mistaken about WinDWFlash accepting .exe firmwares, as it’s limited to .cvt only. But if you use BQFlasher, it can accept either .cvt or .exe files.

I/O Magic and Hi-Val, for example, used to rebadge BenQ drives, thus, BenQ had “OEM” firmwares in the drives that were shipped to these OEM partners. The firmwares always started with the letter “G.” However, features were disabled through these firmwares when using tools like QSuite or CD-DVD Speed. Thus, these Flasher tools were developed to allow OEM drives to accept Retail firmwares, ones that started with “B,” this was considered as crossflashing. The last 1620 firmware is B7W9.

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IreneR, from the info provided in your last post.
You don’t need either Quikees BQFlasher or WinDWFlash.
You can use .exe files for flashing.
Your current f/w is probably the most popular for the drive, although there is a B7W9.
Most of those who tried this reverted back (which is what I meant by backflash) to the previous f/w B7T9.

Hello KTL!
Thanks for your splendid explanation;
it was kind of you.
I just came back to the post and found your answer.
I now notice, it reads I day ago. sorry about that.
My problem is,
I cannot burn “dash” (-) discs, I have tried several brands;
sometimes it worked sometimes not,.
I am now trying with Sony, the drive does not see the Sony…
These seems to be the worst I’ve tried so far.
best regards

Hello Zebadee!
Thanks for answer,sorry I did not find your post earlier.
You said I could use .exe files for flashing,
were you suggesting files other than
the ones here?
Yes I did a search today, and there were some
complaints about the “U” and “W” and people
were returning to the “T”.
so I’m no better off;

Hi :slight_smile:
Basically …yes.
It seems that most folk who tried the latest f/w returned to earlier ones.
Your current f/w being probably the most popular.
However if having problems, it might (if you’re lucky) be worth trying a different f/w.
If it’s no better (or even worse), you can just go back the present one.

IreneR, the 1620 had always favored +R media, IIRC. The firmware most likely doesn’t have any burning strategies for newest media, but should have for TYG03 or MCC03RG20, the latter easier to find nowadays in stores, under the Verbatim packaging.

I agree, I have many DW1620 and DW1620 Pros and they all favor + media. A few wont even play TYG02 media for some reason, but all other media seems fine. I really like the drives though, they burn Yuden T02 exceptionally well.

I have seen a few very very nice TYG02 burns with some real BenQ’s. But yeah most of them burn +R’s better. Mine do anyway.

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thanks to alan1476 and Bob.
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[QUOTE=Bob;2024113]I have seen a few very very nice TYG02 burns with some real BenQ’s. But yeah most of them burn +R’s better. Mine do anyway.[/QUOTE]
Hi Guys!
KTL and Zebadee ;
thank You for your very informative
replies. I get the message.
thanks to alan1476 and Bob.
Best Regards

Hey guys
Im guess Im a bit late on this but I really wanted to upgrade my Phillips DVD6201. I understand this can be made into a more efficient running BENQDW1620
The thread probably answers the question but Im to much of novice to extract the information. I am really a beginner and I am lost in this thread.
Can someone summerize the step by step instructions.
I would really appriciate it.

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Try having a look here.

WOW that looks a bit complex and generic. I saw that some of the links seem to be broken. Is there an easier way and specific instructions to my drive.
I appreciate the help.

Hi :slight_smile:
I believe that Quikee’s BQFlasher should pick-up your Philips drive.
If that’s the case.
All you need is the BQFlasher & 1620 f/w.
[B][U]Take a look here[/U][/B], as it maybe easier to follow.

Hi guys,

I got a Philips DVD8631, I want to flash to BenQ DW1620. I got BQ flasher with the ASPI thingy, B7T9 and Speed-patched B7W9 in a folder.

So basically, I flash B7T9 using BQ Flasher. Reboot. Run the speed-patched B7W9.exe so it flashes to latest firmware. Reboot.

Correct? Or do I need not to flash to B7T9 and can flash straight to speed patched B7W9.exe using BQFlasher?

Nevermind, done it now :slight_smile:

Just used WinDWFlash to flash B7W9.cvt then flashed to B7W9_speedpatched.exe. All went smoothly :flower: