Use Nero ASPI then. =P


Yep it works great with nero aspi…
Thanks Quikee!


Quikee thanks for all the cool tools this one is great but I have a question for you or anyone that can answer this question, okay I flashed 1640 to 164B befb fw with Qflash no problem! but my max burning speed with TYG02 is 8x tried with 1394 firewire with pl 3507 chip and most recent fw and also tried internal ide cable with the same problem 8x max, overspeed is engaged,aspi is fine, wopc I was able to turn off but I tried qscan and got error message this is not supported by fw anyone know a solution to this problem or did I do something wrong:confused:


the qscan portion of qsuite doesn’t work with BEFB unfortunately. They’ll fix it with Qsuite 2.01(?) hopefully.


thanks Qyngali have you heard of any overspeeding issues?


Hi :slight_smile:
QScan problem been known for a few days. See here Post # 73.
BEFB f/w is I believe primary intended for USB. At least in my case that is how it appears. Tried both FireWire & USB, a performance drop of between 10 > 15 % when using FireWire.

IDE excels for me. See here Post # 22.


great mcc scan I tried usb also, but my issue is overspeeding possible?


I get the occasional 8x burn with my MCC 03RG20 but that’s the medias fault. BEFB, internal IDE.

I don’t have any 8x media so can’t check OS to that effect.


I tried TYG02 that will burn @12x on the 1640


Sorry, haven’t seen or heard of anything like that. How many discs did you try? If it was just 1 I would think that it was just an isolated incident…



New Version 0.6.0

[li]CVT Support
[/li][li]command line switch /noInitialWarningMessage to disable the warning message on start.

To download the new version see my signature. =)


Object not found. I guess I was quikeer than you. :wink:


No the link in my signature was was wrong. =) hehe


Nice Job with BQFlasher Quikee :slight_smile:
Do you think you’ll ever integrate WOPC Tool into BQFlasher? :wink:


found the problem 8x is max speed for TYG02 with BEFB I will do a strat swap


XND1n01h: That was the initial idea… but i wanted to release BQFlasher separated first. When I have time I’ll combine everything + SolidBurn + OverSpeed support into BQTools. But first I want to create a cross platform command line flasher as there is almost no support for Linux and Mac platforms.


Hi :slight_smile:
Nipped out.But see you got there.
Suggest a look here Post # 470


Hi :slight_smile:

Quikee :clap: :bow: :clap: :bow: :clap:


I still own an explanation about Plextor 740 firmware… the Plextor 740 firmware .exe is a self extracting ZIP file so it’s not supported but the file can be extracted with WinZIP or WinRAR or whatever… and then it contains a .CVT that can be flashed with BQFlasher now.


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry about that Quikee :o :doh: . I’ve just found that out after messing around, & was about to post.
But as usual you got there first.