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It’s me again, I just flashed my Sony and now I have a Benq DW1640, the proccess went ok, burned some -R Verbatins @ 4x, I am really impressed with the quality.

I got a new question thought.

Up to now, when Benq release a new FW, I will have to use BQFlash to update the FW or just execute the new FW?

Thanks Quikee for this amazing tool.


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All ready answered here.

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anyone tried with the sony820 yet?

No need to try because we already know the answer; [I][B]nogo[/B][/I].
BQFlasher can only be used on drives with Philips Nexperia chips.

Interested in other DW1670/Sony 820 flashes look here. :wink:

So any1 had try on the Sony 810A can reverse back to original FW after patch become BENQ1670?

So any1 had try on the Sony 810A can reverse back to original FW after patch become BENQ1670?

a 810a can’t be crossflashed into 1670…

sorry, type wrong, actually wat i mean is dw1640. :stuck_out_tongue:

There seems to be some incompatibility issues with the latest Sony 810A-[B]R[/B] drives and BQFlasher atm, when attempting crossflash to BenQ DW1640.

Precaution! Your drive can be damaged out of possibility to recover.

So yes I bought a Norwood Micro DW1640 at CompUsa with GSOB firmware so my next step is crossflashing. I want to go to BSLB. Is there any way of backing up whats in the firmware and making the process uneventful incapable of failure. Yes I’ve been to the threads which pertain to the process. But just for fun give me alittle step by step. It would be appreciated. Thanks

Just use the BQFLASHER or WinDWFlash to crossflash your drive. Download either of those flasher programs from zevia’s or zebadee’s signature. With the WinDWFlasher you have to use the CVT firmwares but with the BQFLASHER you can use the EXE firmwares. You may flash the drive in safemode and make sure there is no disc in the drive when flashing it.

Download the CVT files from this link: (use Internet Explorer to open up that link or if using Mozilla firefox browser you’ll need to download and install IE TAB, otherwise the link will open up to

Boot to SAFE MODE. To Flash with WinDWFLASH double click on it to open it up and then direct it to the Compusa norwood micro drive and then to the BSLB cvt firmware. Then let it flash and it will tell you when it’s done. Then reboot the pc. The drive will then read BENQ 1640 in device manager. I’ve flashed all my rebadged BENQ 1640’s that way. :slight_smile:

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Can i crossflash my philips dvd8701 with the Benq1640 firmware

anyone flashed 1650 to 1655 without any problems?

I did no problem at all

Yes it can be crossflashed without problem but you wont get the LightScribe features.

how do i crossflash it? and what are the advantages?

You just use the tool in the first post of this thread and point it at a CVT of EXE flasher file with the 1655 or 1650 firmware you want to flash to. There aren’t any advantages, unless you like seeing an ID of 1655 instead of 1650. :wink:

Please help. New in crossflash. I have a Norwood Micro drive from Compusa which is a DW1640. I have dled the BQFlasher and Nero ASP and put them both in same folder. When I load the BQFlasher, it shows drive as ATAPI DVD DD 8X16X8X16 and version GSOB. clicked on open firmware but it onlu show bqflasher.exe as only file to load. Can I get step by step instructions, please? I apologize for being troublesome. Thanks

got it working…I flashed to BSLB…Is that a good f/w to flash to?