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pinto2 what you say is of course valid. I’d only like to that in my case BenQ f/w appears to get more out of MCC 03RG20/MCC 004 & TY YUDEN000 T03. I can go on to say that the 1650 with BCFC seems to favour - media, whist the 1655 with BCGB does improve marginally the results with + media. Philips 1660 with P1.4 didn’t work well at all with the YUDEN000 T03. Although was very good with the limited burns done with MCC 004. Not so hot at all with MCC 03RG20.

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The BCFC firmware is an official one? In BenQ site the latest i found is

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BenQ Europe responded to an email saying that no f/w (other than BCDC) had been released for the general public. However the BCFC has been listed on the BenQ China site for a while (it was even removed for a day then relisted). So globally the latest official f/w is BCDC. I myself use BCFC & for me it’s an improvement. Whether you use it or not is down to you. Remember you can always flash back. Although you might (like some) want to wait for the global listing.
Off topic can I suggest that further questions taken up in relevant threads. If none appropriate then start your own. This is essentially for BQFlasher queiries.

OK, I’ve got a BQFlasher question: does it run in Windows 98SE?

If not, is there a DOS cross-flashing tool and firmware for the Benq 1640? I’ve got one of those “Norwood” 1640s that I want to flash to Benq 1640, and BQFlasher won’t run on my Win98 system.

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Go here. Firmware flashers. BenQ/Philips CVT. version 1.01 for dos.

Can somebody confirm if BQFlash runs on Win 95/98/Me with NeroASPI driver, please. Sorry if this question has been posted before.

zebadee, doesn’t WinDWFlash* run under above OS’es.

[I]* temporary download link while our servers are down.[/I]

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Put simply? Yes. :bigsmile: :cool:
But like you I’ve no idea with BQFlasher. :confused:

Thanks for the tip! Took some hunting to find the DW1640 firmware CVTs on this page, but I’ve got them now. I might try WinDWFlash instead of the DOS flasher now that Pinto has been nice enough to provide a working link.

Thanks to both of you for the help! :slight_smile:

Now if I can just figure out why Nero locks up when I have UDMA Mode 2 enabled, but works fine with Multiword DMA Mode 2… :confused:

UPDATE: I updated my ASPI driver, and tried BQFlasher again, and it did run. But it hung on the start of flashing. Thank god the drive was OK after rebooting. So next I tried WinDWFlash, with the same result – hung on the flash burn step. Again, the drive was OK. So finally, I booted to DOS and tried the Dangerous Brothers CVT flasher (with CVT from their site), and it worked!

I finally have a true “Benq” 1640, and the QSuite tools. I have no idea why it was so hard to get it flashed, but I suspect my system has acquired a few too many bugs over the years. Thanks for all the help zebadee and pinto2!

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Congrats David OSU. :clap: :cool:

Hello all! I’m very new to this but have a question. I just got a new i/o magic brand dw1655 from Benq Corporation at CompUSA. I would like to use the Bqflasher in order to get updates from BenQ web-site but didn’t see any posts regarding whether it will affect Lightscribe or not. I need the Lightscribe and noticed there were improvments for this function on the BenQ site.
Thanks for any advice!

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Take a look here. This should answer most of your questions. In terms of LS, then as long as you use 1655 f/w. You shouldn’t encounter any probelems in that respect.

Thanks for the quick reply Zebadee! Will check it out now.

I hope you didn’t pay $99 at CompUSA, because you can get the DW1655 from newegg for $47 shipped and you don’t have to worry about crossflashing --which may void your warranty. :wink:

Yes, I admit, I’m the sucker who bought the $99 BenQ 1655, but I’m in a hurry. Really, as I’ve got to get my record out now due to school. It’s the new Atomic Jefferson cd you can view a very low fi audio version with a silly video at the following:
In all seriousness I intend to buy an actual BenQ from Newegg also as a secondary but my time is very limited right now.

Ok guys, I just read the whole threat, and since I am getting a bunch of erros burning different brands of DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL, I want to ‘upgrade’ my drive to a Banq DW1640, just to enforce and do the cross flashing with no errors, I have a simple question about the firmware to cross flash:

I have a Sony DRU-510A, the right FW to download is this one: (?)

Or am I completely wrong?


:eek: I hope you mean Sony DRU-810A!!!

Ooops, my bad, it’s 810A! =)

Should I flash it and then go to sleep? :slight_smile:

N0_0B: Yes, that’s the right link to DW1640 firmwares.

Thank you!