I desperately need to update the firmware of my DVD drive because it
is a dual-layer burner, but can’t burn dual layer discs. It is an I/O
Magic IDVD16DL burner that is actually a BENQ-DQ60 with firmware
version GREC. I bought it at Staples on President’s Day. However, the
drive is identified as ATAPI DVD DC 8X16X8X.

I’m trying to crossflash it to PLEXTOR PX-750A firmware.

I tried to use BQFlasher 0.7.2 and the BenQ-DQ60 MREC firmware. It said:
Can’t load firmware into memory.
I tried BQFlasher again with the PX-750A 102.cvt file and it said the
same thing:
Can’t load firmware into memory.

By the way, I also tried WinDWFlash and the BENQ/PHILIPS CVT firmware flasher from
Neither of those worked either.

Do you have any ideas? Are there any other firmware flashers that may
work? Please help!



The file DQ60 is a CVT by name only, it does not comply with the format defined by Philips. The drive uses a chipset by Panasonic and uses a flashing method different to the Philips Nexperia chipset. None of the Philips/BenQ flashers will work with this model of drive.

We’d have to write a utility to do this, and we’re not ready to do that yet.

Brother Vlad

Well, I think I managed to trash my Plextor 740UF.

I had the 740UF plugged in via USB (no other USB devices plugged in). When running BQFlasher with begb, I got a flash failed error message. Clicking ok it exited.

I was using the aspi4all adaptec aspi driver.

Rebooted, and now the system sees the drive as a “USB Mass Storage” device.

Changed the aspi to Nero and tried BQFlasher with /disableDriveChecking option.
It get’s to the first warning message, click ok, message disappears, and then it just hangs in the background (no window appears).

Switched to firewire, but the drive won’t show up.

Caddy won’t open and light is solid.

Soooo… did I really trash this one?

Any ideas on why BQFlasher is hanging or how to get around this?

Many Thanks.

Can you get this drive on an IDE cable?

Gaius, can u tell us how did u do that crossflashing??? I couldn’t find the required files, the links that I found were broken :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:
You could try here. Only f/w for Philips not there. So here it is.

thnx man… I did!! And now, I can seee PIE/PIF, Even Jitter!! Reading speed upgraded to 16 X (from 12X) and I’m happy now!! Thanks to you all!! This site has made me happy for more than one times!!

Hi :slight_smile:
Glad everything worked out for you.
BTW I notice I missed out wlecoming you to the forum kaelthas, so welcome. :clap:

Now you have a 1650 with the Philips 1660 faceplate. When Benq issues new firmware for the 1550, you can use the normal Benq flasher instead of the BQFlasher (which is meant for forcing crossflashes).

Then I must really be glad!! A nice view (Philips face) and a very nice performance (DW1650) … what can I say :smiley:

But I need something to ask to you… I burnt a DVD with Alcohol %120 and the results are at the bottom… Are they good or bad?

The Plextor external case is a snap together type, no screws.
Trying to open it without damaging will be a challenge.

What’s the game plan?

Ok… with the right flat-head screwdriver, it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.

Got the drive out and will connect it up.

Assume I want to try this again with /disableDriveChecking option?
I’ll try to get it back to the Plextor firmware.

That’s the game plan. One fix that worked for getting the system to recognize my toasted NEC 4570 was to push the open tray button at exactly the same time that the system rebooted and the drive light came on. With the tray open and the light off, Windows recognized it was there and flashed. Good luck, no idea if it will work on your drive.

what the hell?! how the heck did you stumble on that solution? haha i can just imagine you sitting in front of your computer trying different combinations of actions. I heard that hopping on one foot, spinning in circles and THEN pushing the button works! :wink:

I couldn’t get BQflasher to put the 102.cvt from Plextor or BEGB firmware on.
I would get an immediate “Flash Command Failed”.

Using the Plextor flasher worked though. Wheeew!

After that, I was able to use BQFlasher to get BEGB for 164B on and it worked.

While I have this apart, is the BEGB the best to use for a 740A in an external USB/Firewire case (740UF)?

If I moved this to be an internal drive, would I want to use the DW1640 firmware and not the EW164B one?

Thanks a bunch.

I cannot take the credit, another poster over in the NEC forum was nice enough to post and it saved my drive.

well, i believe u better get a 1640 fw when u use the drive internally, as the 1640B fw is intended and tuned best for external use… but i don’t know what kind of problems u might face if u keep the 1640B fw for Internal use :confused:

well… i used to use a FlashLigh to crossflash… and sometimes a crocodile’s tail… well, the first didn’t actually work… but after the seconed… “I” never worked again :stuck_out_tongue:

I am waiting on my new DW 1650 to arrive and have a question. The QSuite listed for download is either V1 or V1.3 Beta, the latest version on the Benq site is V2.1, which version should I go for? should I put it in the BQFlasher folder?

You should go with V2.1 to get all the features. It matters not where you put it. Enjoy your drive.

Hi, I tried Quickee’s BQFlasher, with ASPI dll and BCDB.exe in the same place but the BQFlasher could not detect my rebadged BenQ DW1655. Nero can see the drive all right. I know I should use WinDWFlash but don’t know where to find the .CVT firmware file. Any expert to help me out please?