lol. actually i dont know as i desperately installed any driver/system-service i found on… xD
but im going to try installing it. …if i find it ^^ ty for that hint! :slight_smile:

here’s what i like best in Qsuite: the QScan :slight_smile:
it makes a scan to the empty disc and gives you the possible tracking and focus errors, it gives you somehow a good view of what the scan of the burned disc will look like… and defines the good media from the bad… much better than making several coasters before getting into the better speed :stuck_out_tongue:

and several more things if your 1625 supports them, like WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Control), Overspeed, Solid Burn and Booktype Setting… it’s a wonderful tool :slight_smile:

okay. ^^ understood. i’ll keep the benq fw! overspeed… sounds interesting. can this be used to burn discs faster than they actually can be burnt?

–edit: i just found out that there is no overspeed tab available in my qsuite 2.1. maybe my drive doesnt support it? (btw: can the firmware be upgraded so that my 1625 becomes an 1640 (or something)? :P)

@chok0: installed the ls driver: didnt work.
uninstalled nero7, rebooted, installed ls driver, installed nero: didnt work.
installed ls driver again: doesnt work. :frowning:
any suggestions? i thought this drive was capable of burning labels using ls?

if it’s not in the Suite, then it’s not supported… so easy :frowning:
and no, u can’t crossflash a 1625 into 1640… sorry :frowning:

and about the LS… it might be a silly question but… are u sure u have LS Printable discs :S :stuck_out_tongue:
and i recall having a Nero6.6 Benq edition, maybe as it is specified for BenQ it might contain the LS Print button :slight_smile: search for it in the forums and check it out :slight_smile:

^^ i do have ls printable discs. but, and thats the real silly question ^^, do i have to have them inserted for the system to recognize my drive as a ls-capable drive? :confused:
(btw: thanks so far for helping! i really appreciate that!)

lightscribe is available only with inserted ls disc. insert the disc with the label site down.

well… i havent had the disc inserted but is doesnt work with disc either… -_-"!!

i think someone needs to make your explaination a sticky or atleast put in the original post(maybe even include screen shots for noobs like me). I had to read thru 10 pgs to fig. out how to cross-flash…many thanx. :smiley:

wts ur drive by the way?!

Is it possible to crossflash from BenQ DW1650 to BenQ DW1655 and use LS?

the 1650 has no lightscribe hardware thus you can’t use ls.

Nope - the hardware is different, not just the firmware.

Just bought a new 1655 retail version. the benq site has a download for new firmware. what i want to know does it come with a flasher of it’s own? I can’t see them offering an update and not a program to install it with.

Hi :slight_smile:
Yes it’s all in. Click & go. You might want to take a look here.

Anyone know if you can crossflash a Philips 1660 to a Benq 1650?

a crossflash is possible and should work.

Quikee, thanks man, this is a great little util. Just managed to get my HP 630c to the latest BenQ 1520 FW.

Just to report back, I’ve flashed my Philips 1660 to a Benq 1650, and the Philips now works exactly like the Benq ie, much faster quality scanning and complete error reporting in CD-DVD Speed, full access to all the features of QSuite, faster reading due to a faster ramp up of speed, etc.

If you can’t find the Benq in your region but you can get the Philips, a crossflash will give you the extra features and better performance, and probably more frequent firmware updates.

Thanks for the great tool Quickee.

if u can neither find BenQ nor Philips, then go for a MSI DR16-B3… that’s where i got my 1640 from :smiley:
or u might like try a SONY DRU-810A… another great 1640 :slight_smile:

glad ur 1650 clone works… i wish i could find a 1650 locally, but that doesn’t mean i’m not grateful to Quickee or my 1640clone :smiley: