Hi :slight_smile:
For all an alternative aspi .dll. Download page:
I have been using this with Quikees’ BQFlasher & WOPC Tool for quite a while now.
Alan glad it worked for you.
BTW the credit should go to Millenod :clap: :bow: :iagree: . See here:

Millenrod might have wriiten the program but you were here to help me. You get the credit in my book.

wow!!! glad it’s solved!!!
great work Zebadee :smiley:

never thought the Frog ASPI could give such a benifit!!!
that’s a good news i believe :slight_smile:

Probably alan1476’s ASPI layer just got messed up.
Using KillASPI and reinstalling Nero ASPI would most probably have same effect. :wink:

In doing some research, I believe you are right Pinto2, but I am going to stick with this configuration that Zebadee set up for me, it works great.

Is there any problem using frog as well as other ASPI files as long as I keep the directories separate?

No, but keep in mind this is still a beta version.
When we tested this it was primarily with frogASPI in same folder as BQFlasher.

@Pinto2: It also works great with the WOPC TOOL in the same folder as the Flasher.

Yeah, I know. :smiley:

Edit. Credit goes where deserved; “BTW the credit should go to Millenod” (posted by zebadee).

Note though, there are still a few bugs in frogASPI.

Then I will rephrase my post. I thank Millenrod for writing the tool and making it free for public use, and I thank all the forum members that particapated in the project. Last, I thank Zebadee for personally helping me though a problem that was very frustrating.

Very straight forward with this software was a peice of Cake had no prob whats so ever
Tx Quikee. worked like a CHARM turned my I/Omagic right into a Benq
Tx again

hey solid work i was able to crossflash my philips 8701 drive to benq 1640 with ease thanks man appreciate the great work try to update the software more if that is possible

I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I bought a BenQ 1655 on Ebay and when I received it the drive was OEM with the GBAC firmware, (not disclosed in the Ebay info) thus it wouldn’t register as BenQ. I was really bummed!! I took the risk after reading others comments and I applied your flasher. It worked!!! Yippee!!
Thanks so much.

Thank you. You rule. You make BenQ Marketing very nervous. My ATAPI DVD LS 8X16X8X16 GCAB is now BENQ LS DW1655 GCAB! :bow:
Icy Mt.

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m sure you mean that
"My ATAPI DVD LS 8X16X8X16 GCAB is now BENQ LS DW1655 BCDB!"

hi all! im very new to this and i just wondered if it was possible to cross-flash my (already cross flashed xD) former HPdvd640i which is now a BenQ DVD DD DW 1625 back to the original firmware, using the BQFlasher.exe and the newest HP firmware (the exe file). i hope id managed to express myself clearly: i bought the HPdvd640i (encountered the problem that LS didnt work -_-), cross-flashed it successfully to BenQ DVD DD DW 1625 and now, as LS still doesnt work, i want to get the old firmware back… (kinda stupid, isnt it?)


What he said. I’m going to put this in my signature:
“Sorry everyone, I push buttons too fast. I am confused.”
-Icey tm.

it’s more of unwise than stupid :wink: pick the right words next time:p
cus yep, it’s a bit unwise to turn it back into the old HP unless you have some really strong reason… as you will lose the QSuite support :frowning: and maybe some other firmware-related tweaks or writing strategies fixed by BenQ… anyway, it’s your choice :wink:

:smiley: okay. thanks. so you think its better to leave the BenQ fw on it? what advantage does it (qsuite, etc.) bring?
…initially my only intention was to fix the problem with ls. neither nero cover designer nor any other labelling software recognises my drive as “printer” or, at least, capable of lightscribing… :frowning:

do you have the nero lightscribe driver installed?