Bqflasher wont recognize sony 810a

Bqflasher wont recognize sony 810a. I have wn32aspi.dll in the same folder as bqflasher. It still wont recognize my drive. Need advise. Also I have no clue what a .cvt file is and all links go to microsoft. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Nick
I have searched the forums and found a thread at work, but now cant find it when i am at home.

WinDqFlash is what you need and the appropriate cvt file. I only have BSLB in cvt form but once you flash to it, you can use the normal BenQ firmwares. I have flashed my 810a to a BenQ 1640, Plextor 740, back to the 810a and now am pretty happy with it flashed as a 1640 BenQ. PM with email address if you want me to send them to you.

crap got the drive to come up. to flash with bqflasher. Error and now i have a dead f*&$ing drive. The green light stays on all the time and nothing works.

okay fixed the drive. need a cvt file to flash it with windwflash
if any one has one pm me and i will pm you back my email address.
\Thanks, Nick

here’s the link to download the cvt files. you’ll have to either open up that link in INTERNET EXPLORER or download IE TAB EXTENSION if you want to open it up in MOZILLA BROWSER. if you open it up without the IE TAB EXTENSION the link will open up to happy flashing!

I just download the Sony DRU 810a 1.0e there ( with my opera. I got no trouble using this browser on that site