BQflasher switch problem



I think I’ve done my homework here reading how to crossflash my Phillips 8801 drive to a Benq DW1650. However, I’m having a problem with BQflasher. It will not recognize the drive. Both windows and WinDWflash recognize the drive, but BQflasher won’t. I tried using both switches which are supposed to fix this problem, but the only thing that changes is the dialogue box drops down…but it’s still empty. Under the selected drive information it just says NERO ASPI32…as if that was the drive… In any case it won’t flash. I would use WinDWflash, but I don’t see any cvt files for the 1650…


Don’t know if this will help but, my ASPI file says ‘wnaspi32.dll’ followed by and finally Win32 Nero Aspi Library.

I quite ofter crossflash my DW1650 to a Phillips DVDR1660 and back which works OK.

If you PM me with your email I can send you a copy of the ASPI file or the DW 1650 .CVT files so you can try WinDWflash. (I have firmware BCDC, BCFC & BCHC).

Alternatively you could try this link for the .CVT files however, you will need to register.


Yep, that worked out fine. For some reason, my BQflasher and/or aspi file must have been screwed up…yours worked just fine, didn’t even have to use the switch to detect the drive. Thanks again.