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Hi, i want to order an Liteon DW1650 and then flash it to a Benq 1650, i read the thread how to use BQFlasher an tried to test it (only start the programm) but i can’t select any drives from the command line (no drives in there) i tried the nero winaspi32.dll and the frogaspi.dll.

My Questions:

  1. Do i really need BQflasher to Flash ? Or can i use the normal Benq Firmware .exe to flash the liteon ?
  2. I know that i can use WinDWFlash instead, but where can i find a BCHC or a BCIC .cvt file ? On the Dangerous Brothers Site are only RPC 1 patched benq .exe files.
    Finally which Firmware is better the BCHC or the BCIC ?

Thx for help !

Greetz from Germany


I’ve never heard of a Lite-On DW1650. AFAIK, Benq and Lite-On drives being the same started with the DW1800 and LH18A1P/H series.


Liteon LiteOn DW1650 (OEM) = Philips DVD8801


Unlikely I would have thought.

Certainly the Benq 1650 = Philips DVD8801 & 1660P1.


Guys, I think you better check out this thread.

In my area Lite-On DW1650 is still not available so I have’t had a chace to check out if Lite-On uses Nexperia chip in this drive.
My guess though; most probably. :smiley:


Thanks for putting us straight on that.


So can it be crossflashed with the Original benq .exe or do i need the bqflasher first ?


That is normal, BQFlasher will display only BenQ (and rebadged) drives.

So can it be crossflashed with the Original benq .exe or do i need the bqflasher first ?
You need BQFlasher or WinDWFlash. :wink:


ok, thx for support !


Any chance to download a BENQ DW1650 BCHC or BCIC .cvt file ?
Or, if someone could mail me such a firmware, please reach me at PM!

Thanks! :flower:


zdrasti [B]tonich[/B] :slight_smile: you can find .cvt firmwares as quoted below


Marhaba komsu! (not sure for the spelling, though)
The link doesn’t work for me – I’m stuck to registration – error occure :rolleyes:


you are absolutely right at the spelling :clap: for the link did you open it with IE or IE tab plug-in for Firefox as quoted??


Hi :slight_smile:
Just check your PM’s. :iagree: :bigsmile:


Pinto2 posted a link to BCDC.cvt.
Link still working. :clap: