BQ-1640 (PX-740UF) Burn Error




I’m kind of new to the forums, but I recently purchased an open box Plextor 740UF and got a burn error (see attachment). Can anyone tell me what this means? and if crossflashing to BQ 1640 would help?

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PS, I’m using Staples brand DVD+R. I just tried another burn and the drive just got in the zone and wouldn’t stop. I had to power it off after burning for a half hour!

I noticed this thread:

I used a friend’s old external once, the make was Mad Dog, I have no idea what model, but it was able to burn the Staples DVDs just fine.

Any suggestions? Here’s a link to the second log file:


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To rule out software conflicts and media incompatibility, try burn from USB2 and with other type of media, preferably 8x rated Verbatims, Taiyo Yuden or Maxell.

Note, your firmware is almost 2 years old, update is recommended. Plextor recommends to flush firmware over USB2 bus.

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(Not a priority right now but a crossflash to BenQ EW164B or Sony DRU-810UL/T should also be possible. At least there latest firmwares are newer than Plextor’s 1.02. [I]This ofcourse voids your warranty, if any[/I]. :wink:
You’ll gain bitsetting and scanning capability/BenQ, better media support and bitsetting/Sony.)


Great!, Got some Memorex DVD+R’s, ran the firmware update, and burned a disc using USB and it worked fine!(Log-03.txt)

I even tried the Staples DVD’s again and worked okay.(Log-04.txt)

So is there anything I should do next? I’m still curious as to what crossflashing would do exactly. What exactly does better bitsetting and scanning capabilities mean? And will crossflashing to Sony make it more compatible with different media than BenQ?

The only three things I’m really concerned about are if crossflashing will make the drive burn faster, whether it will burn more consistently (less coasters), and whether it will make it more compatable with different media.

Thanks again!

Log-03.txt (7.47 KB)

Log-04.txt (7.47 KB)


Also, does using firewire significantly reduce burning time?


If you are not satisfied with results you get after crossflash you can always flash back to original state. It’s a BenQ you know. :wink:


I’d crossflash it without a second thought if it was my drive, you’ll gain better burn quality/media support, overspeeding, SolidBurn, bitsetting, etc., etc.


Thanks for all the help! I Flashed my burner to a BQ and its been working solid for a month now.


Nice :wink: thank you for reporting back :clap: