BPI use instant messages to threaten file sharers with court action



I just posted the article BPI use instant messages to threaten file sharers with court action.

Quakester2000 and GristyMcFisty both used our news submit to let us know that British Phonographic Industry (BPI) are getting serious about users illegally sharing…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8027-BPI-use-instant-messages-to-threaten-file-sharers-with-court-action.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/8027-BPI-use-instant-messages-to-threaten-file-sharers-with-court-action.html)

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The usual music indutry’s “intelligent” response… :r Yep, downloaders are hurting the music industry not crappy music…Go figure!


lol at first i read “British Pornographic Industry” but then i realized they weren’t so much interested in music… :B


…what? You mean Atomic Kitten are no good? Westlife not the best thing since sliced bread? And Simon Cowel isn’t a great force for good in the UK record industry? You mean the BPI aren’t peddling music designed to make our kids stupid?


Porn films have soundtracks too…they’re just not normally realeased as CD Singles! I’ll name that tune in one… :d


Just turn off instant messaging to avoid the spam. Then block those fockers IP addresses


Shame these fools are not bothered enough to put their prices DOWN to a reasonable figure. Pure GREED on their part as usual! You can rob, rape, murder in the UK but whatever you do don’t rip off the music or film industry! :r Bunch of jerks!
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album sales have fell by 32% They will make there minds up! it is only a couple of months ago they were expressing how the UK was one of the few markets where album sales were up and still rising.


doesn`t this count as spam ? i think the RIAA did this a while ago in the US. BTW if there was no MTV, Atomic Kitten would sell about 10 albums and that would include their family members:d


Without illegal downloading service, people will have mostly buy from the shop. Their alternate choice would be getting a copy from friends, but nothing else. But what happen if their friends don’t have the music they wanted at all? Then they have to buy the music product from stores. Illegal music downloaders wouldn’t be able to download musics without an illegal P2P service since they have no other connection. Therefore increases sales for the music industry. All P2P are most likely illegal and not a backup purpose at all. That is a BS when people say it’s for the backup purpose. No one will buy a song when they can download a song in MP3 format with 256kbps for FREE which is considered as CD quality already. It’s sad that some people simply want to deny the reality of what they are doing. If you do it, just say you do it.
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I do it! :X But … if retail albums were say £5 I would buy all the stuff I really wanted.


look at the quality of the popsongs nowaday, they are either manufactured or full of hiphops. i rather spend my bandwidth on trance livesets than waste it on these ‘music’. 5 quid? sry, i will still pass.


ROFL! Like anyone will take those message seriously… “Oh nos! I got a private message from a totally anonymous guy claiming to be the BPI telling me to stop sharing files!”


only bought 1 CD in about 5 years and even that one sucked aint downloaded any new albums either as icepax said when will they realise its not all down to illegal downloads that there sales are shie but down to there shie product. Theres only so many Boybands and britney clones people can take when they actually start releasing descent music again people might actually want to buy it.