BPI, UK record industry, to take legal action against file sharers

I just posted the article BPI, UK record industry, to take legal action against file sharers.

Bad news for file-sharers in
the UK as the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) appears to be planning to take legal actions against
so-called “serial uploaders”. According to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9175-BPI-UK-record-industry-to-take-legal-action-against-file-sharers.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9175-BPI-UK-record-industry-to-take-legal-action-against-file-sharers.html)

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Just another load of hot air from corrupt industry executives. Price is only one criteria in choosing where to get music - it’s just the fact that all so-called legal services still pretty much suck compared to the free alternatives. A store with high-quality, DRM-free tunes would be sure to get popular. In my experience, the only ones who see criminals everywhere around them are those who have the biggest criminal mindset themselves.

What are they going to do, Take everyone to court. Most internet users have downloaded music from file sharing software in there time on the internet. They should be trying harder to stop the file sharing software.

Funny how P2P is the death nail of the music industry when for years and years the equipment manufacturers have strived to produce higher and higher quality recordable formats for the home user with no sign of any form of DRM. What happens when P2P is dead and the music industry doesn’t get the instant upsurge in sales I suspect the powers that be are expecting? It is maybe time they realised that it is the many other forms of entertainment available now that is putting a dent in there sales and not just the P2P networks, not to mention the charts are shite.

Even if P2P was stopped over night, there still wouldn’t be a big increase in sales, a little maybe. Are they forgetting that most, if not all new PC’s come with CD burners, i’m sure that more music sales are lost from people doing 1 to 1 copies. What happens when all PC’s come with DVD burners, they gonna blame a drop in DVD movie sales on P2P. Even with broadband 4-8 gig iso’s ani’t fun to download.