Boy was i lucky!

well a mate sent me the link and said ‘yo i now have a 40 x’s burner’:eek: i said where/how? gimme gimme:bigsmile:
so he duley sent me the link etc
i snatched the files down with huge anticipation
“ohh yeah ohh yeah!!” i was thinking
right … i thought "best to read the ‘destructions’:smiley:
so off my eyes trots == reading it as fast as i could…primary…mtkflash…filename.bin…'yum yum ’ i thought …
backup old …'ohh sh*T yeah i better had …so i did it read it backed it up
right !!!
“off i go away with the mixer!!!”
did all the bits …right …ok so far
did a litlle more …right …ok so far
cool, looking good !!
did this - did that , yuo all good it says please reboot …

hmmm why is the lite staying on the lite -on? i know it is a lite-on- but i have never had a light-on all the time???
so off i go back to the ‘destructions’
could find anything about it
so… i take a few more anti-depression pills , and start to re-flash it …aha!!
lite-on is now …light -off:rolleyes:
anyways i go back online…sees my m8- yo i said it never worked boohoo.sob sob sob…oh he said and showed me alist of models
LTR-24101B: Not upgradaple, sanyo? chipset? [Not tested by me]

LTR-24102B: Not upgradable, mediatek chipset. [Personally tested]

LTR-24103S --> “3”-Chipset-based 40125S. Use this firmware, mediatek chipset. [verified by Airhead] Thanks to “ArekZ”, “Marius_The_Mad” and “Maik”!
guess what ???
my model is
LTR-24102B: Not upgradable, mediatek chipset. [Personally tested]
sooo,boy am i glad i backed up my firmware

is that it then ?? no hope of a cheap upgrade fo rme then?? this version in definatley non-upgradable???
ahh well sh*t happens …and amost always to me

great forum btw !!!

LTR-24102B: Not upgradable, mediatek chipset.

I wouldn’t write this into the FAQ if it was not true…

I can confirm.

hey, atleast u still got a working burner;)


Thanks Apache I enjoyed it!!!