Boy Scouts magazine: Kids shouldn't play legally burned CDs

Boy Scouts magazine: Kids shouldn’t play legally burned CDs.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Boy Scouts of America are probably best known for instilling a sense of good citizenship and ethics in the nation’s youth for the past 100 years. In an effort to tackle the issues that kids face in today’s world, Scouting magazine recently ran a story for scoutmasters on how to address the issues of copyright infringement with their troops. 

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I suggest that everyone should burn their Radiohead mp3’s and then set them on fire to further complicate the situation!

Anyone with enough di$po$able income to have children join boyscouts or other affiliations (church, for example) can WELL afford to buy media legally. So, why not prop up our economy by spending your money.

For the rest of you poor people, nothing to see… move on.

Nobody burns CDs anymore. They use their iPod or MP3 players.