Boy, I'm Having Trouble!



Hello, all…

I’m sure that someone has dealt with this before, but I haven’t been able to find any references to it.

On a trip to Italy last year, I took 400+ digital photos that I used Nero (not the full version; it came bundled with a TDK external CD burner) to burn onto a data CD. My DVD player will not play the images correctly. What I would like to do is pull all the photo images off the CD that I burned, and burn them onto another CD (or DVD) with Sonic’s RecordNow! Plus software. Trouble is, I cannot get the photo images on the old CD to open with any photo rendering software that I have. The files on the data CD are all .DAT files, and they are have a header like the following:

RIFFDb CDXAfmt UXA data b

so they appear to be encoded in the RIFF format, if I am understanding the header correctly. How can I get these files renamed to what they should be, so that photo rendering software can properly interpret them, and I can get them burned onto another CD? I’m really lost here :eek: so any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks, and best regards.



Are there folders on your original CD? If so, what are they? It might be that it was burned as a VCD. Also, have you tried to copy one of the DAT files to the hard drive and then rename it to other extensions (such as a RIFF)?


Thanks for the reply!

Yes, there are folders on the original CD… the one that holds all the files that are the photo images (or that are supposed to be the photo images!) is called SEGMENT. And yes, the original CD was burned as a data (VCD) CD… I probably should have burned it as something else, but either due to the limitation of the Nero product, or my own ignorance, I didn’t.

I have tried renaming one of the files by copying it to My Documents, opening it with Notepad, and then trying extensions like jpg, but I haven’t been able to get any photo software to open the renamed file. If the header of this file indicates that it is a RIFF format, would the rename of the file be to .rif? What would the proper designation be? Thank you!!