Boy gets 2,5 years for MP3 files

I just posted the article Boy gets 2,5 years for MP3 files….

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Dutch Press reports about a Norwegian boy has been found guilty fro downloading and…

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The reason for getting 2,5 years is 99.999% for making fake money.

Woow, that is a heavy sentence for just dloading some MP3-files. I wonder what the Napster creators would get for distributing the MP3-files.
Who doesn’t make money with his home-scanner!

Hmmmm fake-money ?? like Alladvantage money ?

Is that 2,5 years per file, per meg or what?

I’m sorry. This story is such a scare mongery load of rubbish the way the title is. It’s like a cheap paper. The guy didn’t get the 2.5 years for the mp3’s. He got it for the fake money. That’s forgery and always has been a pretty heavy punishment. The mp3’s were just a bit on the side. He’d never have got that time for just them.

I read the story. He got a scentence based on all his criminal activity - the paper does not say which part of his activities led to prison…but of course it`s the counterfeit money !!

its about the same as :

I go kill someone with a hammer , cut the fucker up and throw him out in plasticbags… AFTER that i download 1 mp3file and ONE day after it has hit the newspapers lameass people here post messages that i am arrested because of MP3 ! does ANY of you ANY brain at all? damnit even a fat italian man with sauce on his face knows this is about the MONEY and not mp3 u foolz!!!

Dude, take it easy. They know why, they are just having some fun. Geeez!!

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I can deliver Tl also but i don’t post that here.

There is a dealer forum for it

Hai guys!
I think who is making fake money, he can buy all the music that he wants!


Well, he did sell mp3’cds, audiocds made from mp3 files, and possibly also vcd’s.
And he made fake money, ah well, his own fault for getting caught, I mean what do you expecet when you announce your cds for sale on different auction sites like he did?

:8 Learn me to make money!!! :d

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