Box set merge eipsodes query

it’s quite common for box sets to contain 3 x 1 hour episodes per DVD, whis is too much for a single layer copy. The most efficent way to pack episodes onto single layer blanks would be 2 x 1 hour episodes per DVD. This will work as a 1 hour per episode estimate is being generous, 50-55 minutes is more likely to be the actual length if it was a TV series.

Now it’s easy to select episodes 1 & 2, via customise option, and ditto for 5 & 6, but episodes 3 & 4 are on differrent source discs, so combining them onto a single blank is more challenging.

with a 12 episode set, 7 & 8 will customise OK, so will 11 & 12, but 9 & 10 will also be on separate source discs.

Merge will allow me to combine the sources, but if I do it that way then I’ll lose chapter select options I think. Obviously I could use separate blanks, for parts 3 & 4 but that offends my sense of neatness, so can anyone suggest a neater solution which will preserve all of the original navigation options ?

(using other programs if needed, but not too complex please!)

If I remember correctly the episodes of LOST are about 42 minutes each. I got 4 of these on one DVD5 at about 82-85% “Quality” by trimming the end credits off all the episodes. I think I did this with DVDFab using the Advanced Title Settings/Chapter Select options. If the chapter changes don’t fall in the right place, you can use the begin/endpoints feature in DVDShrink. It’s been about a year since I did any of these so my recollections of this are a little hazy. Short of processing these through 3 (or more) different applications, the easiest way is to see if 3 episodes will fit onto 1 DVD5 (using Customize) at what to you are acceptable Quality numbers.

That’s a very good idea that most people overlook.

There are quite often cells within actual titlesets such as credits/intros etc. that can be removed with no real detriment to the actual content and I’ve used this method myself on many occasions.

If you have the right software you can even do sub-cell editing which can be handy too.