Box says min req is a 2.8 ghz cpu. Will my AMD athlon 2200 1.79GHz work?

Hi folks first of all i know this is my first post and i am already asking for help. But may i first say what a sound place this is lots of info and lots of folks who seem to know there stuff.

Anyhow i will stop the ass kissing and get on with my ? i have just bought a samsung SE-S184M external burner. It got delivered today have not hooked it up as yet, because on the box it says minimum system req is a 2.8 ghz cpu, my pc is only got a AMD athlon 2200 1.79 ghz cpu. Does this mean that this burner is no good for my pc or does it mean that it just wont be able to burn at high speeds.

would really appreciate some advice from those in the know, because i am a real
newbie when it comes to burning stuff.

many thanks for any replies.


iain aka the newbie who bought the burner without looking into things properly duh :sad:

Just give it a try, close down everyting else when burning and if you have the option burn at a bit less the max speed you sould be fine.

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Something I’d look into as well would be whether your system has USB1.1 or USB2. I had an older P4 (1.4 gig) with a couple of external drives, and only had USB1.1 onboard, so I had to use an add-on USB2 card.

Edit: just to add, even with a Pentium D 3.4GHz now, I can only get about 10x over USB2 with my externals. :wink:

Burning speed is much less important than burn quality, I can burn faster than 16x but normaly I burn at 8x and with quality media.

As do I. I only usually go over 12x for media/drive testing purposes.

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I had the same question awhile back and the requirements are for the software included. Not for the burner itself. I don’t use Nero. There are plenty of free programs that will do same thing. Happy burning :slight_smile:

thanks folks,

Arachne, CCRomeo, rolling 56…

Was having a bit of a panic attack over my newest purchase, i have got usb 2 on my pc up and running. i have a feeling that the min req of 2.8 ghz is something more to do with the max capability of the burner, anyhow will give it a crack tomz.

thankyou so much for your fast replies i really appreciate it.

ps if anyone else would like to jump in on this thread all info is very much welcome.

cd freaks is a cool place and i am sure i will be spending allot of time here.

thanks again Arachne, CCRomeo. + rolling 56…

No problem, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

And hope you do stick around! :iagree:

Ditto :slight_smile:

Best of luck keep posting :flower:

This info is nonsense, wonder who got the idea to put such BS on this box…